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”If everyone on the planet weren’t so awful, the Obama administration wouldn’t have to keep lying to them.”

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Team Obama apparently wants us to ignore that alternative, and instead believe the fairy tale that everyone except Team Obama either wants war, or doesn’t want to do what’s necessary to prevent it.  Therefore, according to this bizarre narrative, the Obama administration has to spend its days in secrecy, crafting lies and omissions, in order to navigate toward “peace” around all the recalcitrant lovers of war laying mines in its path.

Startling admission from Team Obama about the Iran ‘deal’

Have there ever in history been so many benighted fools all hankering for war at once?

That’s the proposition you have to believe in, to accept at face value the Obama administration’s endlessly expanding talking point that one stakeholder after another has to be excluded, left outside the knowledge loop – lied to – if peace is to be secured.

The latest audience for exclusion and deception is the Iranians themselves.  Previously, Team Obama had conveyed its intention to keep Congress out of the loop, by negotiating only a “non-legally-binding” agreement (but one which would allow the UN to drop sanctions, regardless of what the U.S. Congress did).

At one point, the Obama administration complained, in a narrative-placing “leak,” that Israel had had the temerity to “spy on” the proceedings, and make damaging disclosures about them.  Israel, too, was to be excluded from knowledge of what was actually happening.

Even our negotiating allies – Britain, France, and Germany – were chopped liver.  In the last weeks of the talks, they found themselves excluded as the U.S. delegation went head to head with the Iranians.

And now it’s the Iranians’ turn.  In light of the important differences between the public statements from each party on what actually happened in Geneva, the Obama administration has issued an explanation through its most accommodating media outlet, the New York Times.  Due to all the warmongers out there – that’s the underlying implication – Team Obama had to withhold from the Iranians any preview of how heroically it was going to paint the picture of what Iran had agreed to.

The Iranians haven’t taken it well.

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