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Extremist, heal thyself.

The great irony being, the University of Helsinki is one of the greatest disseminators of anti-Israel extremist views in Finland, and channelled through the very organization (Finn Church Aid) that the author of the editorial, Aaro Rytkönen, works for.

It’s intellectual laziness in the extreme. The overwhelming majority of Leftist (and anarchist) ideologues who led violent campaigns over the past 100 years leading up to the overthrow of Czarist Russia were very well educated. The Saudi jihadis and a whole assortment of jihadists over the past 2-3 decades, were very well educated. The stupidity of this paper knows no end.


Schooling to prevent violent extremism

EDITORIAL 03/20/2015 11:12
Aaro Rytkönen


Violent radicalization prevention is also an economic issue. Young people who become entwined in violent extremist groups cause great losses to the national economy: those remaining outside working life in Finland do not generate tax revenues, and vice versa may actually cause high costs to society.

In Sweden, the calculations made for one of the extremist gangs could benefit the public sector from 10 to 15 years, up to 700 000 euros. Even relatively small gang can cost society tens of millions of euros.

The international community has only in the last few months started in earnest to discuss the fighting early against violent extremism. In Paris on Tuesday this week,  the EU education ministers meeting stressed Europe-wide actions – and especially in education – the importance of social exclusion, intolerance, racism and violent radicalism prevention. The ministers prepared a statement on the education system is stressed the EU’s fundamental values: freedom, tolerance, equality and the rule of law.

The importance of education radicalization work against the international recognition no later than now. Both in Europe and in crisis areas to focus on other religions and cultures, enhancement of knowledge. Minimal training leads to a strengthening of stereotypes on both sides. Prejudices and ignorance are used to promote propaganda.

This has been observed in Islamic countries, when illustrations and caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were made in the Western world and are described as deliberate attacks against Islam. At the same time in Europe on the basis of crimes committed by individual Muslims, Islam is labelled as a religion of war and hatred, whose spreading must be prevented by any means necessary.

Education helps to perceive the shades of gray between black and white.

Education also prevents social exclusion and supports the inclusion in society. According to a Finn church aid study on the recruitment process into the al-Shabaab-extremist organization, the right training and employment opportunities for young people effectively prevents the pre-accession to radical groups. Therefore, Finnish development cooperation is correctly orientated in relevant work against violent extremism.

Mere schooling is not enough to combat violent extremism: the building of trust is important. Authorities, NGOs, and ethnic and religious communities in Finland have to work together to achieve this goal.

Aaro Rytkönen
The writer is director of advocacy for Finn Church Aid.

HS H/T: Vasara Hammer

NOTE: The moron writes as if the koran, hadiths and sira of Mohamed doesn’t exist, and we’re just making this all up to persecute people for the lack of something better to do.

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  1. “….when illustrations and caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were made in the Western world and are described as deliberate attacks against Islam.”

    Dear Mr Rytkönen:

    When writing articles for mass consumption please be more precise with your language. How have you arrived at the conclusion that Mohammed was a ‘prophet’ – other than blindly accepting it from islamic sources.
    If given the chance those same sources would love to also convince you that Jerusalem belongs to muslims after mohammed flew there on the back of a winged horse – a while after splitting the moon with his little finger.

    It is not ‘the Prophet Mohammed’ – you should have written ‘the islamic so-called prophet Mohammed.’

    1. Good pick up, I agree MWKI, it’s one of the reasons I refer to him as a moron, he gets so many things wrong it can’t be an accident.

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