The police were promoting the story that the reason why the Somali axe murderer was upset for being banned from pub for being unruly.

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A word from Finnish blogger, Vasara Hammer:

The guy was a Somali. This was known from the very beginning but the Finnish MSM had tried to cover it up.

The jihadist motive is not out of the question, though it is possible that both the media and the authorities will try to cover it up. There is an election coming up soon and if the jihadist motive turns out to be true, there is an incentive for the media to downplay it or cover it up altogether. If there is no jihadist motive, the investigation may finish quite quickly. However, if there is a jihadist motive, the authorities might postpone the investigation until the parliamentary election has been held.

The media doesn’t want the Finns party to do well. That’s why there are stories indicating a rift in the party between “Soini wing” and “Halla-aho faction”. No such rift exists in real life, but the media keeps it up in any case. Soini is easily influenced by the media and that’s one of his weaknesses.

None of the news items concerning the axe attack in Oulu have mentioned possible jihad motive. In the press conference, none of the journalists asked about possible terrorist motive.
Why is that? KRP, the “Finnish FBI”, will now take over the investigation. It is possible that it really has “nothing to do with islam”, but the way the media behaves raises some questions.

NOTE: There is no other evidence about possible jihad connection except the fact that the man was a Somali. Also worth mentioning is other known axe attacks (in New York, against Kurt Westergaard and one Palestinian case).

Oulu pub owner refutes claim that door ban was axe murderer’s motive

Police said on Friday that they believe a man who killed two men in an Oulu pub last Wednesday in a brutal axe attack may have been seeking revenge for being previously barred from the establishment. However the bar’s landlord has told the media that the suspect’s name was not on a list of banned customers.

Oulu Valtatie.
Police now believe that a door ban may have spurred a man to attack and kill two people last Wednesday. Image: Yle

The owner of the Oulu pub where an axe-murderer killed two men last week has denied that the attacker had previously been barred from the establishment.

Investigators searching for a motive behind the brutal attack have been questioning witnesses and acquaintances of both the victims and of the suspected killer following last Wednesday’s deadly assault in the Tuisku pub in Oulu’s Tuira neighbourhood.

Police announced on Friday that the suspect, who has still not been named but who was shot dead by police as they apprehended him at his home, had previously been banned from entering the pub after causing trouble. Officers from the National Bureau of Investigation said they considered this ban to be a possible motive behind the crime.

”Information gained from questioning appears to point towards this,” the head of the investigation, Ari-Pekka Kouva, said.

But the landlord of the Tuisku bar, Markku Kaakinen, has now questioned the police’s statement, telling reporters that the name of the suspected killer was not on the list of people barred from the pub.

Inspector Kouva said that pub owner Kaakinen was among those interviewed, and Kouva said the landlord was not able to say for certain that the suspect hadn’t been barred. Kouva said police will provide a further update on their investigation on Monday.

Frenzied attack

In the early evening on Wednesday last week a man entered the Tuisku pub armed with an axe, and struck the bartender in the head multiple times in what police described as a brief but frenzied attack. The victim, who was in his 40s, died instantly.

One customer in the bar attempted to intervene and sustained mild injuries, police said.

The attacker then killed a customer of the bar, in the street outside. The second victim, a man in his 70s, was hit in the torso multiple times and died at the scene.

Hours later police tracked down the suspect to his home address, where he reportedly struck an officer in the head with an axe. The suspect was shot by police and later died in hospital.

Polcie are investigating the incidents as two counts of murder, one of attempted murder and one of attempted manslaughter. Yle

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