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Every man and woman of age, get a hunting licence, form a club, then arm yourselves to the teeth.

Jews intensified security measures in Helsinki: “A police patrol in the morning”

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    Helsinki synagogue guarded more closely on Friday in Paris took place after impact.

Jewish Community of Helsinki has tightened security measures at the synagogue, kosher food shop, and the Jewish school, after the Parisian kosher store was hit on Friday .

-We Have increased the number of security guards and are in contact with the authorities. Even today, a police patrol was in the morning in front. Because that is when the children come to school and to day care center, Helsinki Jewish Community Officer Dan Kantor says to Uusi Suomi.

Tightening of security just in case.

-This is a pan-European phenomenon. This has been done in all the synagogues or Jewish communities around Europe, Kantor says.

Harassment around the synagogue has not increased after the events in Paris, but the harassment is normal. That is why the area of the synagogue has been guarded  before the Paris attack.

-There is no serious physical threat, but there are more troublemakers. It is either vandalism or someone will shout at the gate, paint with swastikas and other graffiti, Kantor says.

What would be the cause for Friday’s kosher-store attack?

-Anti-Semitism is the reason, of course, or hatred of Jews. They attacked the Jewish store because it is Jewish store. Specifically, it is the core issue, that the Jews are attacked because that these people are Jews – not the fact that they had drawn caricatures or doing something that irritates, Kantor says. Uusi Suomi

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  1. Well, the first attack against jews in Finland, and I come back.

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