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A useless (and wrong) action that makes victims out of those who crave victimhood status, in order to push their goals of forcing non-Muslims into adhering to Muslim norms.

NOTE: Plus the fact that we do not know if this was done by rival Muslim groups or an inside job.

Muslim group in pig’s head and graffiti attack

Muslim group in pig’s head and graffiti attack

Photo: Lennart Magnusson

Published: 13 Jan 2015 07:47 GMT+01:00

The building, which serves a mosque for Svenljunga’s Muslim Association was vandalised, with the text ‘Viva La France’ sprayed on an outside wall, in reference to the terror attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris last week.

A pork’s head was also left outside the premises.

According to the Koran, Muslims are not supposed to eat pork.The discovery was made by worshipers on Sunday and became known to Swedish media on Monday.

Police in the region are investigating.

Local media in Borås say it is not the first time that vandalism of this kind has taken place in the area. In October 2013 a pig’s head was left outside a mosques in a nearby town, Limmared.

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