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Here an interview that I was a part of, in Malmö Sweden, some years ago with other members of the counter-jihad. The police interviewed showed that they’ve ”had it up to here” with ‘gangs’, just listen to the exchange to the questions posed.

Local newspaper GT reports about 20 incidents of arson and repeated assaults on emergency personnel in Gothenburg over the past few weeks, including an assault on a patrol car by 20 masked thugs. The gangs then celebrated the new year by shooting fireworks directly at police officers, the paper reports (video here).

Swedish police targeted by gangs

Torched police vehicle from yesterday. Photo: Björn Andersson.

It can’t be easy trying to uphold the law in Sweden these days.

On one hand, you’re routinely harassed by gangs when you enter the “exclusion areas“. It can be simple routine things like spitting, hurled insults and scratched patrol cars to being pelted with rocks or attempts to blind you with green lasers while driving.

While outright attacks like the one in Landskrona last year are rare (a crowd of 50+ thugs had two officers cornered — and the police commander didn’t dare send in backup, fearing “escalation”) the severity and frequency of these incidents increase as the gangs grow larger and ever bolder.

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