Finnish Immigration Concerns Lefty Morons


Free market ignoramus. Marxist claptrap alert.

Oh, and he’s an activist for Amnesty International centring on refugees. On his Facebook page he makes the following observations :

[…] ”the problem with immigration stories is that immigration discussions are wrapped in concepts that are tied to the host country and the nation’s development.”


A portion of researchers say, that “the youths with immigrant backgrounds” is a more neutral term than, for example, race, when examining the status of people from other countries. These concepts are not only legally absurd, there is a risk of the problem of racism.

So for this utopian, immigration isn’t first and foremost, a means to develop the nation as a whole, it’s a means to develop the immigrant(s), and I doubt that it matters to him how many the number. Also, even the mere mention of immigrant in denoting a person’s status is problematic with this loon. You see how far off the deep end these people are, and they’re given front page news space with their crazy ideas.

People (those coming for actual work) wouldn’t be coming here if not for the opportunity provided for earning a living, which is actually in most cases, much better than the lives they’ve left behind. What have here is yet another academic wonk who can only look at the market place in a one dimensional way, negatively.

Working at lower paying jobs, while learning the language, societal customs and traditions, as well as adjusting life in general, is a normal practice for any immigrant to go through, while each individual is different, no job is permanent, and most people use them as a stepping stone to something better once the skills for that job are acquired, or through the sheer luck of being in the right place at the right time.

NOTE: Pure irony that politicians who support mass immigration policies use the highly disingenuous meme: ”we need immigrants to do the jobs citizens reject doing”. Now the same meme is being used in the reverse.

Study: Migration policy promotes foreigner inequality in the workforce

A new study from the University of Eastern Finland concludes that foreigners are in danger of being exploited on the Finnish labour market, as their precarious status compels many to work in whatever job they can get to maintain their residence in the country. Under current policies, many foreigners are forced to accept low-paying jobs that Finns don’t want.

Siivooja pesee ikkunaa.
Image: Arja Lento / Yle

A fresh doctoral dissertation from Jukka Könönen, scheduled for public examination at the University of Eastern Finland on January 9, has found that Finland’s current immigration policy promotes the unequal treatment of foreigners in the workforce. Könönen interviewed numerous asylum seekers and students arriving in Finland from Africa and Asia for the study, as well as several employers offering work in the low-wage service sector in the metropolitan area.

Jukka Könönen’s research concluded that Finland’s labour markets are highly hierarchical. In practice, this means that foreign residents work at the low-paid jobs that Finns prefer not to take.

More here.

NOTE: The poor ”exploited” immigrant, travels all the way here, forced to wash windows. Sigh…….

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