Taking the worst shared traits in humanity, and codifying them into law.

We must even contemplate the real possibility of the unpleasant devastating fact that these cultures have been unconsciously destroying their own genetic material because they are so enraged. In turn they have been putting our cultures at risk, destroying them. Left unchecked aggression breeds aggression, spreading like wildfire. It is a matter of self preservation. A democracy is only as strong as its nuclear family. By taking a measured look at our ancestral landscape, where we have come from with regard to childrearing practices and where we are heading, we counter the obscene message of Sister‘s Role in Jihad. The Islamic State will be held accountable for crimes against humanity, crimes against their own children. It is obvious that they do not want their children to develop empathy but we do care about ours. I wish for my grandchildren and all other children that they will be upstanding citizens who do not hate others and live in a safe democracy. Read my lips: “The mother builds the brain of the jihadi baby.” We must act now.

Read My Lips Again


The Islamic State has produced a book called Sister‘s Role in Jihad instructing how to destroy the minds of their child and turn them into killing machines. The contents of this book should be understood as NOTHING NEW in Islamic culture. What this terrorist handbook has done is to have inscribed practices that have been embraced for centuries behind closed doors. In the West we have been reluctant to take note of this and to see what has been going in these societies. We do not discuss the ramifications of growing up in shame honor cultures, all of which have spawned Islamic suicide bombing.

I have been arguing since before 9/11 that we must look to the mother-infant relationship in order to understand from where all of this violence is coming. This is NOT to blame the female but to understand how terrified she is, that she herself has been beaten into submission but could never admit it because it would be too shaming. The devalued female “out Frenches the French” in externalizing her own murderous rage because she has been the chronic target of brutal male abuse. She has internalizes male rage of the female as self-hatred. Hence the sisters of jihad, the female suicide bomber etc.

Counter terrorist experts have failed miserably in understanding the root problem, i.e. the radical of radicalization — early childrearing practices. Ironically in my opinion, our experts are terrified of this particular subject matter. Yet the elephant in our room remains the significance of the mother building the brain of the baby and the delicate nature of early childhood under such brutal circumstances.

Violence, the need to hate and the need to have an enemy are learned behaviors in the home by age three. Arab Muslim and also Iranian Shiite are cultures out of control. Moderate Muslims, be they Sunni or Shia, have failed to reign in their violent children whom they have raised to be murderous. How has this happen? It is too shaming for them to admit to themselves that they are in conflict. They may mouth words rejecting violence by hiding behind the mantra that Islam is the religion of peace but they remain passive aggressive – allowing the jihadis to be the carriers of their own rage stemming from their own shamed childhood. The cycle goes on across generations. They let the jihadis do the dirty work of Islam. Passive aggressive behavior is exceedingly manipulative. This violent dynamic is enhanced by the unspoken draw of jihad’s sado-masochism — what I call “the erotic exotic brutalization of the other.” This is the draw too for the Western converts to Islam. We fail to talk about the sexualized component of jihad as a snuff film.

In the specific case of Muslim kids raised in the West, their mothers were often child brides who retained these traditional Islamic childrearing practices. As for the Caucasian (and others) Muslim converts to Islam, if you investigate their childhood histories, they too grew up in similar, rigid abusive households – shaming, often with absent and/or violent fathers.

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