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And yet they help fund the miserable terrorists of Gaza.

Terror threat in Denmark has increased: PET

Terror threat in Denmark has increased: PET

The report said that at least 110 Danes have fought in Syria or Iraq. Photo: Stringer/Scanpix

Using a small but significant change in language, domestic intelligence agency PET has warned of a greater risk of a terror attack in Denmark.

The latest threat level assessment from PET’s Center for Terror Analysis (CTA) states that “the terror threat against Denmark is serious, but the risk of being the victim of a terror attack in Denmark is limited”.

In CTA’s previous threat level assessment, the agency called the risk of a terror attack “very limited”.

The head of PET, Jens Madsen, confirmed to broadcaster DR that the change in language was intentional.

“I want to stress that the risk is still limited, but we have changed the formulation because of negative developments in the current terror situation. This is particularly due to the fact that we are continuing to see a stream of people leaving Denmark for the conflict in Syria and Iraq,” he said.

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