Iran obamablunders WMD's


Once again, park a warship outside every port Iran sends its oil to be refined into petrol, the regime would cave within a relatively short time.


Iran’s Serial Violations and Obama’s Tepid Response

Berlin – The sheer scale of Iran’s violations of the Joint Plan of Action to slow down its illicit nuclear-weapons program should ring alarm bells in the White House. Veteran United Nations correspondent Colum Lynch’s bombshell report this week that Iran engaged in “an increase in procurement on behalf of the IR-40Heavy Water Research Reactor at Arak” is the latest signal of Tehran’s lack of good faith.

In a parallel to Iran’s weapons-grade uranium-enrichment process, the Arak plant allows it to secure a plutonium path to building nuclear weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry’s assurance that “Iran has held up its end of the bargain” appears not to have a leg to stand on.

In an overlooked article in the German media last month, the president of that nation’s Federal Customs Service’s investigative unit (ZKA) Norbert Drude said,“We continue to observe [Iranian] criminal nuclear proliferation activity.” In 2012 and 2013, more than two-thirds of the service’s 264 investigations concerned the Islamic Republic, Drude said, adding that he anticipates that the numbers will be similar for 2014.

The ZKA noted that Iran’s deceptive business practices allow it to buy sanctioned merchandise. Disturbingly—and apparently ignored by the Obama administration—Tehran has succeeded in making such dangerous purchases in a number of cases.

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