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Starting them young.

I have no way of knowing exactly if these pictures were taken where they are supposedly from, but what’s for sure, these are Arabs.

UPDATE: DAILY MAIL reports on it as well.

ISIS: chilling image of a baby kicking the head of a decapitated man

One photo shows a jihadist Islamic state while helping her young daughter to hit the remains of a dead opponent. Terrorists extend the use of children for propaganda.EXPLICIT IMAGES

The image is chilling. It reflects the atrocities to which came the Islamic State in its fight against the Kurdish resistance. In an image began circulating via social networks can be observed a man using his right leg to kick your baby’s head decapitated daughter of a fighter.

The terrifying picture shows the victim lying on the floor, with his head detached while the girl’s father makes her play with that body part as if it were a football.

More here in Spanish. Via Jamie Glazov vai BNI

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  1. This is about the only time I’ve ever seen a picture of a muslim with a genuine smile on his face.

    That says everything about this sick ideology.

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