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An old colleague of mine sends me the following observation of his, on something that many of us might be overlooking, when looking at the greater picture of the current mayhem in the Middle East. It bears consideration.


A lot of news is being thrown around about tit-for-tat between PM Netanyahu and Pres. Obama.  This is the usual crap we can expect from the news media.  Now it’s Palestinian Statehood.  BFD!  They can’t create a state just by saying so.  Most of the other Arab states were created by Europeans drawing boundries on the former Ottoman Empire.  You can see for yourself how that has worked out.  It’s a small oft-repeated story.

Here’s the big story nobody is reporting:

There has NOT been a lot of coverage on Biden’s frakus with Turkey.  See this:  

The point that I would make is that relations between the US and Turkey (and probably Qatar; maybe others) may be far more strained than what the news media is reporting.  After all, one look at the map tells you that there aren’t that many avenues (besides Turkey) to supply ISIS with arms and soldiers.

We all know that Erdogan took a loud and public stand against Bashar Assad.  He made little secret that Turkey was (at the very least) initially supplying insurgents in Syria.  These are established facts that the Turks made no secret about.

That Erdogan got so angry when Biden pointed this out tells me that relations are strained.  Biden might be guilty of bad timing, but he didn’t lie.  Why did Erdogan get so mad?  Why did Erdogan demand a public apology?  What did Biden do that was so bad?

But the most important question: Are US/Turkish relations so strained that the mere mention of Turkey’s role in opposing Syrian dictator Bashar Assad creates a public frakus like this?

The story kind of came and went.  If I were you, I’d keep a closer eye on this.  I think it’s the tip of the iceberg.

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