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Very likely that  they were planning some public beheadings.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “These arrests and searches are part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist related terrorism.”
The men had been monitored in a joint police and MI5 operation for some time and one Whitehall source said the raids were an “early disruption” of what could have been a “significant plot”.

First alleged Isil terror plot on UK foiled amid growing fears of beheadings

Four men arrested in London suspected of plotting “significant” attack in UK with alleged links to Syria terror group Isil

The first alleged Isil-linked terror plot on UK soil has been foiled by police and MI5 amid fears jihadists are returning from Syria to carry out beheadings on British streets.

Four men were arrested in dramatic armed raids in London during which one suspect had to be Tasered by police.

The men are feared to have been in the “early stages” of planning a “significant” attack and it is understood one line of inquiry is whether they wanted to emulate the sort of brutal execution that has become Isil’s hallmark on a British street.

Police and intelligence agencies have become increasingly concerned that the terror group, which has already beheaded four Western hostages, is encouraging similar attacks overseas.

Fears have heightened further after the UK joined air strikes against the terrorists.

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