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The Iraqi government couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag.

These cockroaches need to be eliminated, but maybe we could work a two prong strategy, Finland can send in the Islam ”expert” Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, to talk with the jihadis, tell them exactly where they’re getting Islam all wrong, why we carpet bomb them all to hell.


There are only 2 or 3 ”experts” in Finland called upon to give their ”analysis” on Middle Eastern issues, one of them is this crank, Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, who doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground.

NOTE: It’s too bad that Obama isn’t really serious about taking down the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis, during his tenure, these cockroaches grew in size and clout, rivalling, then overtaking al-Qaida in brutality, sheer man power and weapons.

Häme-Anttila, criticized the US over Isis attacks: Provides the same medicine that the problems started with at the beginning 

Professor Jaakko Häme-Anttila says that Western countries should rather, provide background support for the Iraqi government instead of military strikes. He does not believe that Isis is able to create a more permanent operation in the Middle East.

Jaakko Häme-Anttila.
Jaakko Häme-Anttila. Image: Yle

University of Helsinki professor in the Arabic language and Islamic studies, Jaakko Häme-Anttila, direct military action to defeat Islamist Isis organization is not a viable solution. According to Häme-Anttila, for example, air strikes by the United States in Iraq, only gives additional impetus to Isis’ propaganda in the Middle East.

The United States has done since August, air strikes against insurgents in Iraq. The attacks have destroyed more than 200 targets. Last week, the United States and a number of Arab countries to agreed on joint actions against the Isis organization. The United States is convinced to lead a broad coalition, by which Isis is defeated.

Häme-Anttila thinks that the international community should support the people of Iraq to fight against the Isis organization, but by rather being in the background so that the government would be able to deal with internal political matters themselves.

He says that the West’s direct intervention leads to the Islamist Isis achieving in the Middle East more credibility for their views, that they represent Islam and the country’s corrupt government wants to serve the West’s efforts.

More here in Finnish H/T: Jukka Ketonen

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  1. Spoken like a true Quisling, eh? Has he been eating or smoking lutefisk? I truly pity Finland having its collective brain starved of oxygen while being strangled by its so-called intellectuals. We here in the US have been nearly strangled BLUE (the “official” color of our democRATic party) by governmental (and I do mean MENTAL) officials and other infantile sycophants in public life and our media. Many countries are suffering with you! We must all work endlessly to bring our countries back to some semblance of sanity or better. Good luck!

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