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How can they condemn something that is purely Islamic!?.

Perhaps some, but I’m inclined to believe that there are many out there more than willing to use that as an opportune excuse.

h/t: Nicolai Sennels 

Fear causes Muslims to stay away from anti-IS demonstration

A demonstration in Aarhus, where Muslims are encouraged to denounce the terrorist group Islamic State, has difficulty attracting participants. Muslims are afraid of being attacked or receive hate mail from IS followers in Denmark, says the Muslim community in the city

Friday prayers in the mosque at Grimhøjvej in Aarhus. Ahead of tomorrow’s demonstration against the radical Islamist group IS it has been difficult for the organizers to get the support of the city’s imams. ‘We do not take in politics,’ says their explanation.

Fear of reprisals from radical Muslim communities get Muslims to refrain from endorsing a demonstration in Aarhus tomorrow against the radical Islamist group Islamic State.It believes Mohammed Sabah Ahmad, a former spokesman for Grimhøj Mosque and organizer of the demonstration. He also says that he can not get imams to participate in or support the demonstration.

“The silence that has been among Muslims should not be construed as an endorsement of the IS ‘actions. The result, instead, that many are afraid of being attacked or receive hate mail if they publicly condemn IS, “said Mohammad Sabah Ahmad, who has experienced that acquaintances have received threats and hate mail by giving their views on IS.

One of them, who will address the demonstration, the 22-year-old Julie Kayed, who lives in Gellerupparken.

She confirms that many Muslims fear to speak against IS in the public debate:

“Many do not dare attend the rally because they are afraid. I myself am a woman and a Muslim but does not scarf. It may shock of the IS followers. In Iraq, I was of course killed by IS for not wearing the headscarf, “she says.

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  1. KGS asked: “How can they condemn something that is purely Islamic!?.”

    Similarly: How can multiculturalists/members-of-the-cult-of-diversity condemn anyone?

  2. If they had any sense of morality they should be demonstrating!
    But no !they live within the undemocratic totalitarianism which characterises the culture of Islamoturds!

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