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Another Goldstone idiot takes his place.

Not only does he say Israel is his favorite to indict, regardless of all the other actions by states fighting at the moment that has far greater casualties, he refuses to categorize the Hamas as a terrorist organization. Then there’s this:

Asked why he called Netanyahu his “favorite” to indict at the International Criminal Court, instead of Syria’s Assad or Hamas’ Mashal, William Schabas said he merely echoed the Goldstone Report. Except Netanyahu wasn’t PM then—and isn’t mentioned anywhere in the report!

What also bothers me, is the Israeli host at the beginning of the interview wishing him ‘congratulations’ at his being named to this kangaroo court, and at the close of the interview, wishing the jerk, ‘good luck’.

NOTE: This is exactly why Hamas periodically ramps up the violence against Israel, just begging it to respond. Israel gets tied/bogged down over the next three years while the Hamas Islamonazis sit back, spin their tales of victimhood and woe and fill their coffers with international aid money to be used in rebuilding their terrorist infrastructure.

They’re banking on such a panel, or better yet, a series of international panels to wear down the Jews, that finally one day they reach such a pariah-like status that the international community does the job for them. This is a religious war of attrition, with the goal of ridding the area of a Jewish state.

H/T: Townhall

Canada unhappy with UN’s choice of Gaza war crimes lead investigator

  • 4:25 pm, August 12th, 2014


OTTAWA – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird took to Twitter to lambaste the United Nations for its choice of judge to lead an investigation into potential war crimes in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Baird accused genocide and human rights expert William Schabas of being biased against Israel and said the UN’s inquiry will be a “sham.”

More here

UPDATE: Sun News gives the run down on this clown

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  1. So the UN basically found an anti-Israel lawyer and looked for a few more (Clooney’s fiancé). This guy admits it’s a double standard. He said “which Israeli doesn’t have an opinion about Netanyahu,” but this is an absurd comment because no Israelis are sitting in judgment of Netanyahu and he’s predetermined his guilt anyway.

    Most of the world countries are run by tyrants and despots. If Israel is isolated from them who cares. Israel should leave the UN immediately.

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