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How can you demonize Islamonazis, they’re Islamonazis for crying out loud!

This is the same Finnish magazine that has allowed its pages to be used by anti-Israel zealot, Erkki Tuomioja, on numerous occasions to trash the Jewish state, and once more it vomits out yet another steaming pile of anti-Israel vitriol.

NOTE: Seeing that Hamas’ very existence is predicated upon the utopian goal of implementing the final solution for the Jewish state of Israel, how does Merikallio square the facts with that, if at all? In order for the Hamas to recognize Israel, it would by default, have to….dissolve itself. Something which they will never do, until flattened by intensive carpet bombing.

Being an idiot doesn’t help either.

UPDATEHamas said to have executed dozens of tunnel diggers


Demonization does not help


Hamas’ terrorist label maintains violence.

By Katri Merikallio, p. 10-11

Hamas is a terrorist movement. Hamas’ goal is to destroy Israel. Hamas started the war by firing rockets into Israel, which has a right to defend itself.

[TT: All true, but the SKL is not stating it as a matter of truth, only as what the Israelis are describing it as.]

Doctor Jeroen Gunning, Director of the Durham Global Security Institute, responds to most of the claims by “perhaps, but”. He has analyzed Islamist movements in the Middle East, particularly Hamas, for a couple of decades. In the Middle East, the picture is rarely straightforward.

In order to understand this summer’s conflict, Gunning calls us to look a few months back. In spring 2014, Hamas was weaker than in years. It had lost its foreign supporters, and the Gaza economy was in ruins.

The big news bomb of last spring was the announcement by Hamas and the moderate Palestinian Fatah to establish a joint government. After years of hostilities, they were able to agree on almost everything.

“Including the three central issues the international community had demanded of Hamas: recognizing Israel, honoring previous diplomatic agreements and renouncing violence,” lists Gunning.

[TT: The Hamas did none of those things]

Inside the divided Hamas, the pragmatists had finally been able to persuade the leaders of the armed wing to see that the path out of isolation was political, not military.

[TT: Bullcrap, From the Leftist rag The Guardian:But there are lingering differences between the Hamas leadership and Abbas. Most serious is whether any unity government would endorse the three “principles” of the Quartet – representing the United Nations, the US, the European Union, and Russia – which insists that any Palestinian government abide by previous agreements, renounce violence and recognise the state of Israel.”]

Israel was stunned by the joint government of the Palestinian groups. For Israel, Hamas was clearly a terrorist organization. Israel withdrew from the American-led peace negotiations and threatened Fatah by economic sanctions.

Israel also announced expansion of settlements in the occupied WB. In June, the situation flared. Three Israeli youth were kidnapped and killed. Israel accused Hamas and started mass arrests of Hamas supporters on the WB.

[TT: Israel wasn’t stunned, but rather, unimpressed, their intransigence was expected. As for settlements, building for growth inside existing parameters, is not ”expansionism”, though it’s well within their rights under the San Remo accords to do so.]

As a protest, Hamas started firing rockets from Gaza into Israel.

Later it was found out that Israel’s own intelligence knew Hamas was not behind the kidnapping.

[TT: Everything that happens inside Gaza is known by the Hamas, as well as by the ruling tribes and clans that give the Hamas legitimacy, these people are never mentioned by the brain dead media, because it would take way too much time from bending elbows at the nearest pub.]

It had been devised by an individual rebel cell residing in Hebron.

“Thus the rockets were originally a response to what Hamas found unreasonable in the WB.

Hamas knew the rockets were not a significant military threat to Israel, but they created pressure. Hamas also wanted to show the Palestinian community it does not just allow such things to happen.”

For Hamas hardliners, Israel’s message was clear: politics is not a solution, violence is. A new war in Gaza had begun.

[TT: Brain dead analysis. Hamas is on the ropes financially, the only way to get more dough from abroad, and get the public behind them once more, start launching in masse rockets on Jews, the lap dog media (Suomen Kuvalahti included) will help with the PR, and Israel will be once again fending off charges of ‘war crimes’ in spite of whatever they (Hamas) do.]

“Israel’s own intelligence said that Hamas was not behind the kidnapping, yet Israel started the mass arrests – which it knew would lead to a counter-reaction from Hamas.

Then you need to think about whether the rockets and tunnels are just a part of a bigger picture where Israel tries to undermine the Fatah-Hamas coalition government,” Gunning says.

From Israel’s point of view, divided Palestinian factions are clearly an easier opponent than one united front.

[TT: More European bullcrap. If tunnels were being dug under your borders post-Christian Europe, you would view them as an existential threat, in need of being eradicated. Then again, you’re importing anti-Semitic Muslims by the tens of thousands every month, so you perhaps are too dull to even contemplate the seriousness of jihadi tunnels.]

Now that the warfare has continued for over four weeks, Hamas is, according to Gunning, likely to be more popular in Gaza than before the war.

[TT: Hey stupid, a Hamas spokesman has already been attacked by angry Gazans, at least by those who are brave or too stupid to care what happens to them in the middle of the night.]

The Islamic Jihad has also strengthened its position in Gaza, and it is remarkably more militant  than Hamas.

“It is the one that has long-range rockets from Iran.”

It is difficult to see a sustainable way out of the conflict. Hamas’ charter still states that Hamas’ goal is to destroy Israel.

[TT: Wow a slight lucid moment for the SKL. They actually read the charter.]

Gunning says, however, that the significance of the charter is questionable and that the political behavior of the movement does not indicate that they would aim for this.

The charter was not referred to in the 2006 election, for instance, which Hamas won.

“It is likely that many Palestinians would like to see Israel destroyed, as they feel that Israel is on Palestinian soil. But the majority, also of Hamas members, believes that the two-state solution is the best that can be achieved now.”The establishment of two separate states, Israel and Palestine, was agreed upon in the UN in 1974.

It is unclear whether Israel’s current leadership is committed to this goal. On 13.7., Times of Israel reported on PM Benyamin Netanyahu’s speech, in which he emphasized that he will “never, ever allow full sovereignty to a Palestinian state in the WB.”

[TT: What a load of garbage. This is mere fantasizing  by Gunning, he has no proof whatsoever that an Islamic jihadi movement with goals outside the immediate area, that being an Islamic caliphate, have given up on their cherished dream, to do so it to deligitimize themselves in one full swoop. They also take dictates from Islamic leaders living outside the region, who have not given up on eradicating Israel.]

Gunning believes that if the international community would renounce Hamas’ terrorist label, peace could take a step forward.

“Then one could try to commit Hamas to a political system and negotiate with it. If Hamas is only demonized, violence remains the only way to act with it.”

Gunning feels that Hamas’ current demands are not particularly radical. Hamas wants the Gaza blockade to be dismantled: the borders to be opened, an airport and a port to be built in the strip so that the economy can be revived.

“One can live with these demands, if Israel is guaranteed that Hamas will not resume armament.”

“It can be taken care of by international observers.”


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  1. This writer talks about a bigger picture.

    Well here is the real big picture.

    Islamic theology incites devout Muslims to commit murder and mayhem in the name of Islam. If you do not understand this important fact – what ever you write is filled with factual errors.

    Living in a multicultural PC dream world may make you feel good. But what type of feel good double talk do you use to explain ISIS in Iraq? I know – it’s the Jews or Bush.

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