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We must control those Jews!


Jouni Backman’s making threats, really?

He can’t even control his own bowel movements, let alone a democratic state fighting against blood thirsty Islamonazis. To hell with his A-hole!

SDP’s Backman: Israel will soon be brought under control

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Teemu Luukka

The Social Democratic Party’s parliamentary group chairman Jouni Backman expects that the international community will act swiftly and decisively in order to put an end to the crisis in the Gaza Strip. He directed his strong words at Israel.

“In particular, the attacks on UN schools are terrible deeds., Israel must put an end to military action, if necessary, by increased international pressure,” Backman said at the start of a summer speech for Social Democratic Party’s parliamentary group meeting in Lappeenranta, Finland on Monday.

“The international community can also contribute by the placing the charge of war crimes in bringing the guilty to justice.”

Backman says that even the Hamas rocket attacks are not acceptable, and has to stop its attacks on Israel.

“Although Israel’s retaliatory measures by itself is understandable, the quality of the activities and the extent of are certainly not acceptable,” he says.

Backman does not specify what kind of international sanctions against Israel there could be, but notes that the current measures are not enough.

Also, the Social Democratic Party chairman Antti Rinne took a position at the meeting on the situation in Israel.

According to him, the situation in Gaza can not be solved until the two-state model is realized.

“Tämähän vaatisi Palestiinan tunnistamista. Meillä ei kuitenkaan ole maan hallituksessa tätä käsitelty, ja se vaatisi mukaan myös presidentin”, Rinne sanoo.

“This would require Palestinian recognition. We haven’t handled this inside the government, it would require the president as well,” Rinne said.

Rinne wonders why the international community has not yet reacted more strongly in Gaza, even though it’s been active in Ukraine.

More in Finnish at the pro-Islamonazi Helsingin Sanomat


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  1. “Although Israel’s retaliatory measures by itself is understandable, the quality of the activities and the extent of are certainly not acceptable,”

    So what is acceptable? And if that does not work?

    Norther Europeans have lived too long in a secure fear free world. Things are changing. Your view will change – sooner than you think.

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