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From what I could ascertain from the video, the woman being interviewed is in a Christian building, with a picture of Jesus on the wall and a cross on the door. No idea if they are Muslims who have taken over the building vacated by Christians, or are members of that besieged community.

NOTE: The following is a piece using a CBN interview.

Gazans Point Finger at Hamas – ‘The Government in Gaza Doesn’t Do Anything’ – ‘We Need Peace With the Jewish People, Good Relations, Not War’ (VIDEO)

AUGUST 4, 2014 6:55 PM 10 COMMENTS

A bustling Gaza market featured in a report aired on July 31, 2014, by CBN. Photo: CBN / Screenshot.

A surprising televised report from Gaza showed residents last week busily going about their lives, shopping in a bustling and well-stocked marketplace, despite the nearly month-long conflict between Israel and Gaza’s rulers Hamas.

The report featured voices seldom heard, including Gazans with harsh words for the Hamas government, and a yearning for peace with Israel.

Christian Broadcasting Network, which aired the segment last Thursday, said the surprising attitudes reflected a poll taken days before the conflict began that found 70 per cent of Gazans supported better relations with the Jewish state.

George Thomas, Senior Correspondent for CBN, interviewed several Gazans in the marketplace, including the local pita bread baker, and women at a community center.

Raghda Hejazi, a mother of five, said, “We need peace with the Jewish people, good relations, not war.

“Hamas needs to find a way to solve these differences with Israel, America and Arab countries,” she said.

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