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Ruling AKP, MHP deputies confuse Turkish Parliament with boxing ring


Parliament was scene to yet another physical fight on Aug. 4, which apparently erupted due to tension stemming from the government’s policy regarding Iraqi Turkmens.

During a General Assembly meeting, lawmakers from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) eventually came to blows, leaving some deputies bleeding. 

Following the fight, MHP deputy Sinan Oğan posted Tweets on his personal account, saying it was the AKP deputies who started the fight by attacking him. 

The tension erupted after he questioned why the government has not been lending support to Iraqi Turkmens, according to Oğan. Yet, the messages on his account were not less strong than the tension that led to deputies harming each other.

“Sixty AK [AKP] dogs attacked at the general assembly. They were snubbed. They are only able to attack an ‘Ülkücü’ when they are 60 in total,” Oğan said.

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