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This is another aspect to the Iron Dome defence system that needs to be mulled over. I for one support the use of it, it’s been a life saver, but it does come at some cost. That is the brunt of the op-ed by Jack Englehard.


Op-Ed: How I Learned To Hate The Iron Dome

The Iron Dome has become the answer for everything.

Published: Tuesday, August 05, 2014 8:30 AM

The Iron Dome, well this particular hi-tech defensive shield certainly has been splendid in protecting Israeli parents and their kids from rocket attacks coming in from Gaza – and we’re speaking about thousands of Hamas rockets over a period of a dozen years.

So the Iron Dome keeps being blessed for all the wonderful work it’s been doing, and Amen to that – but is this the answer?

Not for me.

I love the Iron Dome for all the right reasons. But I have learned to hate the Iron Dome because it keeps Israelis conditioned to expect a lifetime of warfare.

It means there is no end to the terror.

It means that Israelis cannot expect their government to fully protect them.

It means that Israel has surrendered into accepting a life on the run.

It keeps Israelis trained into believing that they have no right to expect peace or tranquility, ever.

It means that Israeli kids can never be tucked into bed safely. The next siren can go off at any minute. This time, will the Iron Dome succeed?

This time – will it fail?

Is this any way to live – for parents, for kids?

It means that the Iron Dome has been accepted as a substitute for Jewish sovereignty.

It means that the Iron Dome is the answer to everything.

It means the Iron Dome is the answer to all our prayers.

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