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Amsterdam Woman Assaulted for Displaying Israeli Flag

A woman was assaulted for displaying an Israeli flag from her balcony in east Amsterdam.  The men who perpetuated this crime called her a bloody Jew.  She suffered a concussion, fractured ribs, and contusions to her face.  The criminals also threw a burning stick at her, and hit her in the stomach.

The woman sprayed her attackers with red paint from a can she had been carrying with her, as she had received threats in the past by men who said that they would slit her throat.  Police have been stationed outside her home to protect her.

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  1. In May this year we had Dutch visitors from Zwolle – the area where a Dutch politican was recently threatened by Moroccan thugs.

    They did not want to discuss problems there, although it was clearly evident that they did have significant problem with immigrants.

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