Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands


Chief Rabbi: Jewish Families Want to Leave the Netherlands

An increasing number of Jewish families want to leave the Netherlands because of the rise in anti-Semitism.  They feel unsafe and are being threatened and insulted on the streets.  This was said by Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, in the television program, Een Vandaag.

He specifically quoted a Jewish individual who said, “My parents have suffered enough.  Should I also suffer?” Jacobs said that he himself also wonders whether or not it is safe for him to remain in the Netherlands.  He has, however, come to the conclusion that he has to stay – because the captain is the last one to leave the ship.


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  1. And liberal Jews have brought this onto the Netherlands with their open borders mentality, just like in the US, and Britain and France. For once, I would like the Muslim crocodile to eat the liberals first instead of last.

    1. Riiiiiiight, it’s all the JEWS” fault!!

      Not the Islam-accommodating politicians, Christian leaders, Marxist operatives, ERuroArab Diloaguie bureaucrats, proPalestinian NGOs, proPalestinian Universities teaching hate, not the Student Unions, Labour Unions, Muslim organisations there.


      Stupidity and malice really is everywhere.

  2. This is what happens when Dutch Jews are not prepared to confront the menace with courageous and affirmative action.
    I came to Amsterdam and spoke there. I listened to what people told me about the worsening atmosphere in Holland. I asked what major lobbying or effective action they were taking. I didn’t get any answer.
    I have tried, for over a year, to find people willing to help establish an NGO of qualified lawyers to defend Jews and Israel by applying law to dubious actions and words, similar to the one created in Britain. UK Lawyers for Israel are a group of lawyers who, voluntarily, have taken on and beaten many anti-Israel actions simply by enforcing existing laws.
    This can be done in Holland. Dutch Lawyers for Israel can help offset the ravages of people with an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bent but I cannot find even one lawyer who is courageous enough for form such a group.
    I echo the words of the Chief Rabbi and appeal to Dutch Jews to follow the example of their French co-religionists and make Aliyah to Israel.
    There is no one in Holland with the guts to protect you. Come to Israel where our brave boys will do what your Dutch lawyers refuse to do – that is to protect you with courage and pride.

  3. Meant to say Euro-Arab Dialogue.

    Oh, and Immigration government departments and police.

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