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The Islamofascists have washed up upon the shores of the U.S., and with all the usual expected results.


Anti-Semitism in South Florida has escalated over the last several years, reaching levels that can no longer be ignored.

On December 30, 2008, approximately 300 pro-Palestinian/Hamas supporters took to the streets of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and were captured on film by Tom Trento, Director of The United West.

In the video, Palestinian protestors were shouting, “Nuke Nuke Israel,” “Go back to the ovens, you need a big oven that’s what you need,” “Your mother’s a whore”, “Go to hell, Israel,” and other epithets, to name only a few. Next,  in the middle of all this mayhem, an Imam (Islamic religious leader) leads the protestors in their evening prayer rituals.  After the prayer rituals are over the crowd moves in to physically attack the pro-Israel supporters across the street.  Mr. Trento writes, “If not for the few brave policemen and former Congressman Allen West, some of these wild Muslims would have attacked innocent, elderly Jews and Christians and hurt them badly.”

 The white supremacists still hate the Jews of South Florida, but are afraid to come out into the light of day because society has shunned them– and rightfully so.  That doesn’t mean the anti-Semites have disappeared, however, not by a long shot.

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