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They should be asking some serious questions from themselves, they’are the ones who produced a jihadi.

Eh, because he was a jihadi in the middle of one of the most hot of hot ‘hot spots’ for jihadi terrorism, Yemen. His salafi beard (minus the stache) is a dead give away.

Australian killed in Yemen: family demands answers on Islamic convert Chris Havard’s death in US drone strike

Australian man killed in a US drone strike in Yemen Chris Havard.

The parents of an Australian man killed in a US drone strike in Yemen are calling on the Federal Government to give them a full account of how their son died and what proof they have of his alleged links to Al Qaeda.

Christopher Havard was killed when a car he was travelling in was hit by a missile fired from a US drone last November.

Now documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws by 7.30 show Havard and the joint Australian-New Zealand national killed in the same strike had been on an Australian Federal Police (AFP) watch list because of their links to the banned Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) terror group.

The documents also reveal that the Muslim convert Havard was a suspect in the December 2012 Al Qaeda kidnapping of three Westerners in Yemen.

The three, including Austrian citizen Dominik Neubauer, were released in May last year, after a multi-million-dollar ransom was paid.

The documents reveal that the AFP began investigating Havard’s possible involvement in the kidnapping before his death.

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