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The U.S. is heavily infiltrated by Marxists, that’s a fact.

I’ve always said that  those who flip their political allegiances (from socialist to lover of liberty and individual sovereignty) should be accompanied by clear reasons as to why they are now doing so, and followed by clear examples of educating the public about the dangers of their former ideology. Nowadays, they’re all over the map, not able to articulate the very basics of their philosophy.

Diana: What if the Soviets/Comintern not only infiltrated the Left (old hat) but also infiltrated the Right…??

The Empire of Lies, Part II:
The Lie at the Foundation of Today’s Right

Commentary for 26 May 2014

You might wonder why the Soviet Union and the Communist International never thought of infiltrating the American Right. But then, what if they did? In fact, they must have done so, because the Communists always infiltrate and subvert their enemies, and the American Right is the heart of the capitalist camp. So it is inconceivable that they did not infiltrate the Right; and that means they are here, right now, in our midst (because the Communists never really went away, despite what happened from 1989-90). This last point is not to be made in polite society, and few are well-informed enough to know something of its validity. For 99 out of 100 persons, it is preferable to believe a lie. As a former British MP once said within my hearing; “Reagan and Thatcher saved the West from socialism.” But a former Russian GRU colonel, sitting across the table, whispered in my ear, “But America is the Marxist paradise.”

In the Empire of Lies conservatism has become an outlaying province, long ago colonized by the enemy. And the proof is not far to find. The “conservative” Kissinger went to China, then the “conservative” Nixon went to China, and the “conservative” Reagan traded with China, and now China has destroyed our exports, and our industry, and now our currency. And the conservatives called this “free trade.” They quoted Milton Friedman.  But here, on this small blog, we know the Cold War never ended and Milton Friedman was wrong. We know that China was engaged in a strategy about which Deng Xiaoping said “the capitalists know nothing.” And we may testify, if no one else dares, that the “conservatives” helped the Communists in China and Russia more than anyone else. And if the world thinks we are crazy for saying this, we may reply that the world itself is mad. Meanwhile, there has not been one article I know of about Communist infiltration of the Right. Neither has anyone spoken publicly on this subject. It is a non-subject, about which silence speaks volumes.  

To what do we owe this silence? Subversion has its own sociology of knowledge, where the victims of subversion prefer silence. They prefer not knowing. Silence makes sense, and public men will cling to it when the alternative is unpleasant. Ridiculous, you say? Common sense, I reply. Under our shopping mall regime convenience is king, and subversion is a very inconvenient topic. We are all implicated in taking this position, on a daily basis. The duty to ask certain questions and perform certain checks, has gone out of us. We are too busy being entertained. We also know there is personal risk if we poke the hornets’ nest. Senator Joseph McCarthy did so and was condemned.

The enemy, on the other side, has a much easier job. Recent trends run in favor of subversion and corruption. To be an agent of influence, to guide politicians and pundits in the “right” direction, one merely makes use of human weakness. The elite staff of the KGB are ready with professional guidance. Those who wish to combat subversion simply don’t have the resources, or the sociological high ground. The Right itself will never guess what is happening, believing that only liberals are susceptible to this sort of thing.

To show how utterly naïve the Right has been with regard to the above points, the reader is invited to conduct a google search by inserting the words “communist infiltration of” – which will turn up writings on the communist infiltration of nearly everything; except you cannot find anything on the Communist infiltration of the Right, or of Right Wing organizations. We nowhere meet with the Right Wing equivalent of Alger Hiss or Harry Dexter White on the Republican side of the isle. Yet the non-discovery or non-appearance of infiltrators in this case is not proof that the Right is pristine. In fact, the ongoing and ever-troubling failure of the Right to stem the socialist tide, and its political Balkanization into mutually antagonistic subgroups, argues for the fact that operatives were long ago dispatched to infiltrate, and have already succeeded. Today it may be said that the Right is yet misled in the same way Roosevelt’s administration was misled by Soviet agents like Harry Hopkins, Alger Hiss, and Harry Dexter White; for this is the method of the Communist, who has already infiltrated and occupied the Left; therefore, it is only logical that Communism would have embarked upon a project to do the same to the Right. In fact, we have every reason to believe it would succeed spectacularly on the Right; for nobody has yet raised a murmur of suspicion.

There is a problem, however, in identifying who the agents of influence would be. Since the infiltrators of the Right would talk and act like anti-Communists, at least to some extent, how could we distinguish them as agents of influence? But come to think of it, we have another problem altogether at this late hour, that since so many on the Right sound like Leftists already, and effectively advance the Leftist agenda in so many areas, how do we distinguish the useful idiots from conscious subversives?

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