Fight real injustice and discrimination through the courts I say.

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Yet another fake ”humanitarian”, acting like a drunk looking for his car keys by the lamppost, Israel is just an easy target for these morons… Jews don’t issue death fatwas….so they think they can get off scot-free. Well our buddy Brian of London at Israellycool doesn’t believe it’s that simple, in fact, there might be some laws that were breached in the Australian justice system which he alludes to his recent piece at Israellycool: Cinematic Strings 2:

Remember, it’s quite possible that when Shurat Ha’Din’s latest legal action is completed in Australia, this email may constitute an actual crime. Israellycool will be contacting Alex Wallbank and the CS team with some more questions about who they would and wouldn’t give a discount to:

  • An Israeli Jew living in Tel Aviv
  • An Israeli Arab (Muslim) living in Tel Aviv
  • An Israeli Arab (Christian) living in Tel Aviv
  • An Israeli Jew living in Gush Etzion
  • A Palestinian Arab (Muslim) living in Ramallah
  • A Palestinian Arab (Christian) living in Ramallah

A sour note

ATIRA OTE February 18, 2014, 3:49 pm

Less than seven hours later, Alex had sent a response. His email reads as follows:

Aside from being a learned rabbi, inspiring leader, charismatic teacher, talented ba’al koreh (Torah reader), and loving father, my husband, Yossela, is the most gifted, creative, and amazing musician I know. So far, music has been a hobby for him; he plays when he takes a break from learning, teaching, working, and parenting. He hears music in his head – what a blessing! He has produced two discs so far of original music and would like to start working on another, of instrumental pieces.

He had taken a break from composing for a while, and new software was needed to modernize his music studio, so he started to look on-line. In this business, software and instrumental libraries get updated constantly, and one has to keep up, otherwise the music sounds old, unprofessional, and is incompatible with many parts of the system. Maintaining up-to-date components is essential, but not easy when music isn’t your day job.

Yossela researched on the net for months as to which set of professional music string orchestral software he should purchase. After investigating, exploring, examining and inquiring, he decided that one particular product, Cinematic Strings 2, best suited his needs. He wrote to the company, complimenting them on their great music (Alex Wallbank, the head of the company himself is a composer).

Alex responded, and he and my husband shared a very pleasant, friendly, and warm email exchange. Yossela wrote to him that he would like to purchase their music library but, being a student, he would greatly appreciate a discount. Alex replied that they do provide “educational discounts,” and put him in touch with a marketing representative.


“Hi Yossela,

I am very, very sorry but I will not be able to provide you with a student discount. We support the BDS movement worldwide and the cultural boycott against Israel until Israel ceases its illegal settlement activities in the West Bank and ceases its discrimination against the Palestinian people. Please see this website for further information

Please understand that this is not in any way directed at you personally and we have heard from many Israeli students who have been very sympathetic towards the Palestinian people. However we are fairly powerless here in Australia to act on behalf of the victims of oppression and so the BDS is the only way we can have a voice.

We wish you all the best in your future musical endeavours.

Kindest regards,

Alex and the CS team.”

Read more:  H/T: Boker tov Boulder & Brian of London


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  1. I could purchase this CD as I’m in UK, and send it to Yossela, or to you to pass on! Please find out if this is acceptable.

    These unutterable Nazi maggots, with their sneering letter…

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