Islam in France



And of course the dough headed socialists who brought this calamity upon the French city, will claim France hasn’t done enough to make their new guests feel welcome, and throw yet more taxpayer money and mosques their way in the vain hope that they’ll settle down.


Marseilles is now 30-40% Muslim. Excessive violence, riots, and rapes are turning it into a third world city in the heart of Europe

France is probably the worst affected of all western nations by immigration, since it is on the brink of losing its European identity to the insistent Muslims increasing in numbers within French borders. As they grow in population, they come to believe they can impose the will of Islam on the French people, and when they don’t get their way, they often resort to violence.

A number of extraordinary stories have come out of Marseilles in recent weeks. Collectively, they attest to the fact that the city is sinking rapidly into the third world. It has been massively colonised by Muslims, and they are now reproducing there the conditions found in their home countries.

The first bizarre incident to make the headlines was a Wild West-style train robbery. Shopping carts, rocks and bits of metal had been placed across a railway track, forcing a passenger train to stop. A cargo train arrived some time later and found its way barred by the passenger train. Around 20 hooded jeunes (youths) [this is the code the French elite use for Muslims, much like ‘Asian’ in the British media] then appeared, broke into the cargo train and made off with some of the boxes it contained. According to the news reports about the incident, this was not the first time it had happened.

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france weeps.

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  1. Disgusting. Truly and utterly disgusting. How anyone with any ounce of sense could look at this city and think that continuing the suicidal immigration policies is a good idea is beyond me.

    Marseille never would have become a Third World entity without Muslim immigration. The end. There’s no room for argument there.

    With a rapidly increasing Muslim population, it’s hard to see how France could ever retake Marseille. Speaking personally with some French, and observing the general attitude of the nation as a whole, I would even say that they’re the ones most likely at this point to actually take action against their Muslim population (especially with Generation Identitaire growing by the day…) France is a strange case where it simultaneously gives me such hope and such despair. But, at least there’s active resistance and Marine Le Pen is looking more and more likely to win the next election, unlike in England where they’re still sleepwalking to their death…

    I really don’t know what’s going to happen to France. I think the French people will rise up, but then what to do about cities like Marsielle? Even if the French people succeed, recapturing these Muslim areas will be an insurmountable task…

    1. France, the nation that periodically rises up to reassert itself in deleting English words that have crept into its daily lexicon, have opened themselves up to an invasion that would have been at least attempted to repel centuries ago. It just staggers the mind in how they heaped these troubles upon themselves.

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