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Parts of Hamburg city a danger area

The excesses of the past few weeks several times policemen were attacked in Hamburg. Now officials respond and explain much of the city until further notice is a danger area.

The new Hamburg danger area

Photo: Police Hamburg The new Hamburg danger area 

In Hamburg, the police sets on a busy weekend. As of Saturday morning, 6 clock, large parts of the Hanseatic city has been declared a danger zone. This measure applies depending on position until further notice and primarily affects the Altona region, St. Pauli and star jump.

The police justified the precaution with the repeated assaults on police and police buildings in the past few weeks. Background: In multiple attacks on the Davidwache in the St. Pauli district, three policemen were injured, some seriously.

For evidence of the attack Attorney General’s Office and the Hamburg Police have now offered a reward in the amount of 8,000 euros.

After the attacks, the police saw a new wave of solidarity. On Facebook, the “page has solidarity with the officials of the Davidwache “ in the first twelve hours after the publication of more than 5,000 “Likes” get-details of supporters.

“Neither the left nor autonomous, just dangerous and stupid”

Hooded demonstrators in front of the cultural center Rote Flora in the Schanze district in Hamburg

Photo: APHooded demonstrators in front of the cultural center Rote Flora in the Schanze district in Hamburg

Among them is also the SPD Member of Parliament in the constituency of Hamburg-Mitte, Johannes Kahrs. “These idiots are in court,” Kahrs writes on the supporters page.“This whole post of perpetrators of violence are neither left nor autonomous, which are only dangerous and stupid.”Many hamburgers are outraged by the attack. “Happy the police” or “We stand behind you,” it says on the page.

However, the police still expects attacks. The establishment of a risk area relevant groups of people can be checked including their crossing the border and brought out of anonymity. In addition, restraining orders may be granted residence bans pronounced and persons are taken into custody.

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Dirty heritage of the German-Greek armor deals

The armor producer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann is accused of bribing Greek officials for a billion dollar business. Now the company wants to put the blame on others. This is a risky strategy. Gerhard From Hegman, Munich

A battle tank Leopard 2 A7 + the KMW: you will be involved in a bribery scandal

Photo: APA battle tank Leopard 2 A7 + the KMW: you will be involved in a bribery scandal

The 72-year-old entrepreneur and Federal Cross of Merit winner Manfred Bode has to start in the new year probably differently. For days seep from Greece to Germany details how the arms company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) bribes to Greek decision-makers should have paid.

It was here ten years ago to a 1.7 billion euro contract for Leopard tank.Bode is now Chairman of the Board of KMW, but stood from 1999 itself at the forefront of management.

He would have to know how the major order for 170 Leopard tanks and other military equipment came about thus. But the KMW Group, whose main owner, the Bode family belongs, denied any corruption and selects a risky defense strategy.

The armor producer insists on the white vest

While currently an army of prosecutors tried in Greece, more than a dozen alleged corruption cases clear up by various defense firms, argues Krauss-Maffei Wegmann with the calendar and the supposed white vest.

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