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Once again, a special note of thanks to Andy Bostom for finding these eye popping examples of Islamic antisemitism that blows the lid off the myth of ‘moderate Islam’. This is published in full here due to the shortness of the original post. Please do make Andy’s blog a regular stop, you’ll not be disappointed.

NOTE: The Iranian revolution ended up being a return of the Islamic Shiia status quo that existed before the reign of the late Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the former Shah of Iran. With it’s return came all the 7th century Islamic baggage in tow, which included second tier rights for women, barbaric sharia law and institutionalized dhimmitude for minority religions, with Jews given front and center attention.


Claude Anet on the Consequences for Jews Living Amongst a “Fanatical and Hostile” Persian Shiite Population, Circa 1905

December 13th, 2013 (4 hours ago) by Andrew Bostom |

Jean Schopfer, nom de plume Claude Anet (May 28, 1868—January 9, 1931),  was a tennis player who reached two singles finals at the Amateur French Championships, winning in 1892, and losing in 1893. Schopfer/ Anet’s Through Persia in a Motor-Car, published in English translation during 1907, chronicled his ~1905 first hand observations of the chronic plight of Iran’s Jews under Iran’s Qajar dynasty Shiite theocracy, despite the alleged “Constitutional movement” era reforms. Notice the continued application of Shiite Islam’s heinous “najas” or impurity regulations, based upon the perceived physical (as well as spiritual) “contamination” of the non-Muslim infidel Jews.

Living in the midst of a fanatical and hostile population, Jews in Persia are reduced to the last extremity of degradation. Nearly all trades are forbidden to them; everything they touch is considered defiled. They cannot even live in the house of a Mussulman. There is very little justice in Persia for anybody—for the Jews there is none at all. Every possible exaction is practiced on them; nobody takes their part; and they live in appalling poverty, while their moral and physical degradation is beyond description.

 Claude Anet. Through Persia in a Motor-Car, translated by M. B. Ryley, London, 1907, p. 221.

NOTE II: In light of this observation, take a look at the Finnish Helsingin Sanomat’s ridiculous puff piece on the Iranian Jewish diaspora, where ”Jews have it good in Iran”. (12.03.2012)

“Israel threatens to strike Iran’s nuclear installations. What do Tehran’s Jews think about it?”

In a strict and implacable Islamic Iran where Israel is hated, the Jews have a surprising special position.
The Islamic Republic’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, thought, that in Iran it could not label itself a republic, if it does not provide room for religious minorities.
So religious minorities were allotted a quota of five seats in the 290-seat Parliament, one of which was for the Jews.

HS iran piece 11.3.2012

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