Knocking over fences and lighting off firecrackers to upset mounted police and their horses.

Finnish Independence Day celebrated at the Tampere opera house due to renovations at the presidential palace in Helsinki. A collection of Leftist/anarchist miscreants come out to complain and whine in their beer as they do each year.

UPDATE: Video of Finnish media trying to gin up story of police brutality, the guy gets bumped by police horse and the journalist says he was ridden over. Sheeesh.

Published on Dec 7, 2013

Finnish Independence Day celebrated in Tampere opera house due to renovations at the presidential palace in Helsinki. What is filmed by the Aamulehti newspaper film crew shows how a journalist tries to bleed the story into something that it isn’t.

Alternative Independence Day: Riots and shadow celebrations

Independence Day gala celebrations in Tampere saw protesters knocking over Tampere Hall’s security fences and letting off firecrackers in the city centre. 28 people were subsequently apprehended.

Varjotapahtuma muuttui mellakaksi
Around 200 protesters gathered outside Tampere Hall on Friday night. Image: Antti Palomaa / Yle

Police say around 200 protesters appeared to protest the elite event, but that by early evening the crowds had eased, heading towards the centre of the city as a degree of calm was restored around Tampere Hall. Some of the protesters rioted, breaking the windows of local real estate.

Around Tampere railway station tunnels protesters let off firecrackers and intercepted cars. Some demonstrators unsuccessfully attempted to set fire to the Finnish flag.

Dozens of police cars were pelted with bottles as they arrived on the scene with lights flashing, meanwhile many bystanders looked on, watching the drama unfold.

A number of demonstrators and police were injured during the fracas, during which police used tear gas and trucheons to bring the situation under control. At least two police officers treated in hospital for minor injuries.

A total of 28 people were arrested on a variety of charges.

“The investigation is in its early stages,” stated Chief Inspector Harri Nojonen of the Pirkanmaa Police Department.

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