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With such geniuses wielding their influence, the industrial revolution would never have occurred.

That’s right, providing information to the consumer and let them decide from themselves what to wear and not to wear, is not enough, the statist, who always knows what’s better for you, than you yourself, will decide that for you and limit your choices in the process.

NOTE: Yeah, that’s right, we need more regulation, and from the EU no less.

antti hakala

Not so well-heeled: Researcher calls for high heels ban

Dangerously high heels should be banned by law, according to Finnish researcher Antti Hakala. After over 40 years of research, he claims that Finnish women are indifferent to the dire effect on their legs when they step into not-so-sensible shoes.

Nainen kävelee kadulla korkokengät jalassa.
Being more down-at-heel might not be so classy, but it could be very beneficial to your health. Image: YLE Tampere / Anna Sirén

High heels and cheap, poor quality shoes are the legs’ worst enemies, says podiatrist Antti Hakala. According to him, Finns are tight-fisted when it comes to spending on footwear – and it shows.

“In countries where money is spent on good shoes, there are a lot less problems with legs and feet,” he says.

Hakala says that the most important things are that a shoe fits and lasts well. High heels should be much more moderate, he says.

“When the thickness of the sole is lessened, it makes the heel even higher,” he points out. “The ideal height is 16-23mm, but a heel should never be more than 31mm. A higher heel restricts the flow to blood vessels, the lymphatic system and nerve fibres.”

According the the foot specialist, extensive high heel use by women can even result in gangrene in the legs.

Heels a chronic headache — and can cause one

Antti Hakala has been working in the field of legs for over 40 years. He has developed special insoles which are handmade to precise dimensions, down to the very millimetre and says that differing limb-lengths can be corrected.

“Everyone has a slightly different length legs. This causes aches and pains not only to the lower extremities, but also from the neck and shoulders up to the head,” he claims. “Many women get rid of their chronic headache when they begin to use appropriate footwear.”

The issue is obviously one that Hakala finds frustrating. People don’t always have new enough shoes or inner soles, he says, and it can be the precursor to an operation. According to him, one example is hip surgery, which costs nearly 30,000 euros and is proof that bad shoes are also an economic blight.

“I think that it should be required by law or EU directive that the height of heels be regulated,” he states. “High heels could first be dropped to 40 millimetres and ultimately to 31 millimetres. Such a height maintains good health.”

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  1. Ah, but it is a “choice” for women wearing the Islamic veil, but we mustn’t ban that!

    As if the burka/niqab AREN’T bad for women. Geesh. Forget about the high heels – ban the Islamic veil!

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