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    1. Animals behave better. I don’t know what to call the bastards who did this, because they aren’t humans or animals. Neanderthals? Sub-humans? I don’t know what they are. I just know that I want Western countries to stop having business dealings with them, and to prohibit them from entering our National Homes for any reason.

  1. Yet out government can’t get enough of them to immigrate here, to bring their charming culture. This is the insanity of our times.

    1. No One needs to infiltrade your ‘charming’ culture with crap….. You also,like this idiots, have more then enough crap on your own shoulders!!!;-) and when I look at the beasts from the middle east and their Western ‘buddies in behavior’ makes me wanna puke on all of you selfloving ignorant woman human life hating ‘cultures’.
      We Are such a Short time on this one planet, learn to live all you f****ng tools!

  2. Why does the West send ANY aid at all to these slimebags. Why is Saudi on ANY UN body at all – especially the Human Rights panel?

    1. Thanks Abebe, the post has been updated with your comments

  3. Oh one more.
    Questions: If this post is linked under ‘ islamic brutality and barbarism’, are all the initialisations of bachelors for alpha omega or whatever crap university / on Campus organisations of islamic origin? Or just insane, senseless and brutal….. Or all the Police brutality going on against their own citizens?! Where is the bigger difference between These and them???? What makes the one better than the other? If you have a better answer than just moron hypokratic thesis.

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