Of course, no mention of the tens of thousands of Christians being victimized and murdered each year by Muslims trying to spread the sharia.

Each of these UN pontiffs are bough and paid for by the OIC and individual Muslim states. Who cares what these jerks say anyways, they are not real leaders, nor represent the views of the West. Close it down, and hand out cell phones to all departing the building.

NOTE: I didn’t know about Ban Ki-Moon’s comparison of present day Muslims with that of Jews during the Holocaust. What a despicable comparison.


U.N. Head compares Muslims to Jews while at Auschwitz

by Shoebat Foundation on November 19, 2013

While on his way to… wait for it… a Climate Change conference in Poland, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stopped to visit Auschwitz in an attempt to pay respects. In so doing, he compared the Jews who died there to Muslims he says are being persecuted today and are getting virtually no help.

Here is a portion of Ban’s comments while in Auschwitz:

“In the years since, the flames of hatred and persecution have risen again to consume other societies – from the killing fields of Cambodia to the forests of Srebrenica and to the hills of Rwanda. Even today, the fire smoulders. Anti-Semitism retains its hold in too many places. In Europe and elsewhere, migrants, Muslims,Roma and other minorities face rising discrimination — and find too few defenders.”{emphasis ours}

Did you catch who Ban omitted from his list of victims? That’s right, the hundreds of thousands of Christians who are actual victims of barbaric Muslim persecution today. In Pakistan, Christians are being arrested, tortured, charged, and in some cases executed for violating blasphemy laws meant to enforce Sharia. The hell that has befallen these people rivals what happened in Auschwitz. Yet, Ban visits an empty Auschwitz while defacing it with his comparisons during a stopover on a trip to tout junk science while real victims are ignored.

Before the ‘Arab Spring’ there were an estimated 176,000 Christians martyred around the globe for their faith in just one year.

More here.

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  1. “Erroneous” simply isn’t a strong enough or negative enough classification for Moon’s statement.
    Muslims are responsible for more Muslim death and injury due to identity of opposing sect than any non-Muslim killing Muslims for any reason – ever. There are no Christian sects or Buddhist sects or Hindu sects or Jewish sects killing members of their own faith in a struggle for global dominance based on their faith doctrine. Only the varying sects of Islam “struggle” against ALL OTHERS, including members of opposing Islamic sects, are doctrinally ordered to murder, maim, rape and pillage for political-religous dominance.
    To his everlasting shame, Ban Ki Moon increasingly exhibits a degree of mortifyingly embarrassing willful ignorance.

  2. Europe stood at the threshold of a Golden Age, but they had to ruin it for themselves by turning their backs on their own history and culture and embarking on an unprecedented social engineering experiment with Muslim immigration. I used to wonder what it was like in the 1930s when the Nazis were goose stepping their way into yet another holocaust in Europe. Well, now I know. The ideology of Islam is indisitinguishable from that of Nazi Germany except in the minor details, and they are pouring into Europe like a broken dam. It is 1935 folks. Here we go again. The only difference will be the name of the new Fuhrer, and it will be an Arabic name.

  3. No surprise here. Daniel 12 “set up” v,11 {re Dan 2 v, 21}is 625BC and the neo/Babylonian empire + 1260 = 636AD {add 1 account for 0 BC toAD} and the battle of Yarmouk river, the conquest of the Holy Land by Islam {666 year of the Roman empire} 625BC + 1290= 666 ad the remaining 1335 makes 2001 NY 9/11 ? Mans number is 6 {created 6th day} begin thus 6+Osama Bin Laden {6+Adolf Hitler} A=6 B=12 etc Z=156 calculate the name . the following needs no 6 prefix not a man, New York.
    Mathematically beyond coincidence.

  4. Oh yes the UN…..a bloated organisation which should be disbanded, costs a fortune and what does it ever do…..nothing……not forgotten how the so called UN troops left and left a lot of people be murdered when the Balkans kicked off a few years ago.

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