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Benjamin Weinthal: The film appeared to break new ground, largely because it showed that hatred of Israel – the modern form of anti-Semitism – unifies many diverse groups in German society, including Islamists, mainstream Germans, left-wing Germans and rightwing extremists. Previous German documentaries focused on anti-Semitism from right-wing extremists.

NOTE: The ”right-wing” extremists mentioned in this piece actually find their home on the ideological playing field of the Left, they happen to be ultra-nationalist close border socialist racists.

German TV: How anti-Semitic is Germany?

11/03/2013 22:18

Documentary shows the commonality between anti-Israel legislative initiatives from Green Party and neo-Nazi NDP party.

Berlin anti Israel rally

Berlin anti Israel rally Photo: Courtesy

BERLIN – The German public television station ARD broadcasted last week a documentary film about modern anti-Semitism at the heart of German society.

Close observers of contemporary anti-Semitism showered praise on the film for not shying away from showing anti-Semitism in all walks of life in Germany.

The 50 minute film – titled Anti-Semitism Today: How hostile is Germany toward Jews? – was created by Ahmad Mansour, an Israeli Arab, and two other Germans, Kirsten Esch and Jo Goll. Mansour is a policy advisor to the Brussels-based European Foundation for Democracy. He has lived in Berlin since 2004 and studied Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology at Tel-Aviv University.

Writing in the main weekly German Jewish newspaperJüdische Allgemeine, Michael Wuliger, said in his commentary titled “Focus on Reality” that the film clearly showed “examples of anti-Semitism from educated, well-meaning German citizens” who wave the moral finger at Jews.

Appearing in the film is Dr. Monika Schwarz-Friesel, a linguistics professor at the Technical University in Berlin, who investigated a combination of 14,000 letters and emails sent to the Israeli embassy and Jewish organizations. She said the majority of the anti-Semitic letters and emails came from “so-called mainstream society.” One letter from a man with a doctorate states, “Why are always again the Jews persecuted? You need to ask yourself that.”

He added, “By the next Holocaust the whining begins to start again. I am fed up with it.”

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Note: To further prove my point at the top of the post, here is once again Olavi Maenpää, a Finnish politician and former union representative (classic leftist) who places his party clearly on the Left side of the board at the opening segment, which draws questions from the program moderator towards the end when she asks him why he placed his mark where he did, due to the ultra-nationalist views (supposedly right-wing) she thought he was expressing.

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  1. “– the modern form of anti-Semitism – unifies many diverse groups in German society, including Islamists, mainstream Germans, left-wing Germans and rightwing extremists. ”
    fascism hasn’t gone away.
    its merely changed its clothes.

  2. I am watching it now. Maybe you could get a German speaker to translate it (or at least the most interesting parts). It’s a very good documentary.

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