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Douglas, please stop using the ‘islamism’ nonsense, it’s fundamentalist Islam (basic Islam 101) we’re forced to confront, not the made up label of ‘Islamism’. Time to come 180 degrees on that terminology once and for all.

NOTE: It would be like Churchill claiming ”Nazism the enemy, moderate Nazis the solution.”

Charles Moore has it just right on Woolwich

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There is a terrific piece in today’s Telegraph by Charles Moore which I very much recommend. It is titled ‘Woolwich outrage: we are too weak to face up to the extremism in our midst’.

In the piece Moore rightly criticises our societal inability to deal with Islamism. In particular he criticises the switch of attention which took place immediately after the murder of Drummer Rigby thanks to bogus claims of an ‘anti-Muslim backlash’. Moore also addresses the follow-up fib that a threat equal to the jihadis – or even the primary threat to our society – comes from the English Defence League.

Incidentally, I saw that, whilst over for the G8 meeting, last night David Cameron had a joint press conference with the first minister and deputy first minister of Northern Ireland. Watching him standing beside Martin McGuinness, I wondered if Mr Cameron has any plans for another of those ‘we will never compromise or give in to terror’ speeches which he gives so well?

More here. H/T Fjordman

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  1. OT but a few days ago EDL Buck asked for a link about african american jewish congregations and synagogs. I just found the link to the website I was thinking of. This is a wealth of information from black jews (that’s what they call themselves along with black Isrealites). If you read the website you will see that they are not to be confused with various nutters who call themselves Black Isrealites, but aren’t.

  2. Mr. Cameron needs his memory jogged, the Royal Ulster Constabulary had zero tolerance for any kind of violence, terrorism, or any anti Crown activity, oh! that’s right the folks that were treated so brutally were Catholics and did not have the Politically Correct ‘Magic Muslim Shield’ issued by the feckless political class.

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