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”Labor assets at work”

swedish labor assets watch their work

The only asset these rioting fools are: a voting block for the socialists and any other party pandering to them.

‘Stockholm rioters could be a labour asset’

Published: 14 Jun 13 08:04 CET |

The head of Sweden’s Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) has said Swedish employers need to be more open-minded in their recruitment, choosing to joke about the organizational skills of vandals during the recent Stockholm riots.

Agency chief Angelez Bermudez-Svanqvist made her comments on Thursday at The Economist’s Digital Horizons Conference in Stockholm

She first addressed her own previous work in health care, adding that in retrospect she felt that employers in Sweden need not always demand perfect Swedish from their would-be staff.

“If you are a brain surgeon, do you need perfect Swedish when you are operating on someone who is sedated?” she asked the audience rhetorically.

Bermudez-Svanqvist decided to continue her talk about seeing hidden competences also among young people – of whom one in four is not in work – by referring to the string of vandalism across Stockholm in May, after unrest in the suburb Husby spread.

“These revolutionary acts, because we are talking about revolution aren’t we?” she joked about the title of the debate, Workforce Revolution, which looked at how digital technology could help employers and jobseekers find each other.

“These acts show organizational skills, these are people who follow a leader,” she said about the arson attacks on buildings and cars that grabbed headline space across the world.

More here. H/T Fjordman

NOTE: Past generations in the West labored and toiled to build their magnificent societies, in spite of the problems and wrong headedLeftist politics, only to hand their work of past decades over to meatheads who see nothing wrong in handing it over to people coming from failed societies.

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  1. “If you are a brain surgeon, do you need perfect Swedish when you are operating on someone who is sedated?” she asked the audience rhetorically.”

    Haha what??! Surgeons don’t have co-workers they have to talk to?

  2. This logic goes with the economic theory that crime is good. A vindow is broken and it stimulates the economy, somebody has to fix it, new glass has to be bought, it has to be shipped, etc. Of course, like Pelosi’s argument that food stamps stimulate the economy, then you could argue that all we need to do is break every window and the economy will boom, or Pelosi – if everyone is on foodstamps, the economy will boom, or now with Svanqust, riots will create better employees, so everyone, start rioting! Makes sense to me.

  3. By that logic, Mussolini made the trains run on time and Hitler solved the German unemployment problem.

  4. If the Swedish political class had any balls the rioting could be stopped in short order, pandering, apologizing, bribery, and but kissing will only show weakness and lead to more violence.

  5. Actually. if you are a brain surgeon you would usually talk to the patient or to other doctors to establish symptoms from which a deeper study is made to establish the true nature of the problem. Usually the surgeon will do this in companion to other investigation performed by colleagues w.r.t. to the case in question. So .. yes … a brain surgeon does need to speak a common language (in this case Swedish)!!! The logic in this woman’s argument is flawed at a deep level. How ever did this woman get such a position – she is manifestly not competent to hold the position. It is patently clear that the current immigration is placing Swedish lives in danger, draining the Swedish economy, lowering the standard of living for Swedes, and bleeding the country. Sweden, with a population significantly less than than many other leading western nations has been able to compete on a equal footing in all aspects of the arts, science and technology. Do not expect the current wave of immigrants, their second, third, fourth and further generations to be able to contribute to this effort. Immigration in Sweden appears to have been a poorly conceived, poorly monitored experiment in reconstructing a successful society. Why did you Swedes accept this rubbish!!!??? You seem to have forgooten waht it took to build your country, and now you are throwing it away for a distinctly third rate social model.

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