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The Guardian reporter Glen Grenwald pushed back hard at politicians who are calling for his investigation and prosecution for his involvement in the NSA snooping scandal.

Greenwald, who broke the exclusive story of whistle-blower Edward Snowden and the PRISM program that consists of data mining and collection of digital calls, internet usage, emails and instant messages of millions of Americans, appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday night. He specifically challenged Rep. Peter King’s (R-NY) assertion that Greenwald should be prosecuted for publishing the leaked information from Snowden.

King, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, has  said he wants Greenwald prosecuted for threatening to reveal the identities of CIA agents. Meanwhile, Greenwald claims he never made such a threat. He said King and other politicians are targeting him for “the crime of doing journalism.”

Watch the segment here:  

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  1. Obama would love to see the end of Christians in the historic lands of Christianity. This regime that the American public have elected is a monstrous one, with no respect for Western traditions of individualism, and the rights of man.

    Anything that comes out of this American regime, whether the supposed use of Sarin gas in Syria, which Carla de Ponte was confident was used by Syrian Jihadists or that China is hacking into American servers. Far more likely, it is the NSA and its arms that are hacking into Chinese servers, and China is responding in like.

    As I pointed some months back, the Obama regime, and thus the USA itself, is becoming a rogue regime and nation. Its gross violation of civil rights, using arms of government like the IRS, to destroy conservative and traditional America, are just a few of the crimes that have come to light. Who knows what else they are doing?

  2. Correction

    Anything that comes out of this American regime, whether the supposed use of Sarin gas in Syria, which Carla de Ponte was confident was used by Syrian Jihadists, or that China is hacking into American servers, is suspect at the least, if not outright lies.

  3. Well, this arrest request presents a dilemma for England, now doesn’t it? Greenwald works for the Guardian. The Guardian is a UK news (albeit biased) news establishment. AP is reporting from Bangkok:
    APNewsBreak: NSA leaker Snowden not welcome in UK issuing a travel alert, dated Monday on a Home Office letterhead, telling air-carriers to deny Snowden boarding because “the individual is highly likely to be refused entry to the UK.” The carrier alert is issued to carriers that fly into the U.K and any carrier that brings Snowden will be liable to be fined 2,000 British pounds. He said Snowden would likely have been deemed by the Home Office to be detrimental to the “public good.” Snowden, an American citizen, has yet to be charged with any crime and no warrants have been issued for his arrest.

    Will the US ‘charge’ Greenwald and extend this alert against him as well?

    Pass the popcorn.

  4. Mr. King has shown his true nature, that of a pompous blowhard.

  5. BTW 70,00 to 90,000 dead, via ‘lead’, millions displaced in a multifaceted tribal, secterian, and alleged ‘civil war’. It is impossible to know who is who, where their loyalties lie and where they stand today, let alone tomorrow. IMHO the US generals and political class are looking for a reason in get involved, no matter how bogus. I do not think that any of these ME and Asian encounters are worth 1 drop of our youth’s sweat and blood. As I have said before ‘every action taken in the last decades has only benefited the world wide caliphate and our ‘friends’ the $audi$.

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