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Islamization of Norway at a dizzying pace.

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Abdur Rehman Khan (left), Ali Battakh (project in IRN) and leader Mohamed Bouras got this morning to swallow food in Ahus with a clear conscience. They are all satisfied with the taste, and that the hospital takes their Muslim patients seriously by offering halal food.

norways first halal certified hospital 1.6.2013

PHOTO: Wasim Riaz

When Abdur Rehman Khan was admitted to Ahus, he could only eat fish or vegetables. But from Monday to Muslim patients also get halal meat.

 Right now, my uncle is admitted here. He can only eat fish or vegetables. The alternative is that the family bring food from home, said Abdur Rehman Khan.

SV politician from Raelingen has been a patient in the hospital and are now using the range of Ahus. As a Muslim, he can not eat meat that is not slaughtered in the Muslim manner (see facts). Therefore, he had to settle for fish and vegetables during hospitalization.


But now it’s different. This morning the hospital and the Islamic Council of Norway (IRN) signed an agreement that ensures the serving of halal meat on Ahus. Thus, the hospital on Monday serves more halal meals for their Muslim patients.

The rights for the meat will come from Nortura, approved by IRN. The food is also marked with a visible logo from IRN. Ahus is the first hospital in the country with such approval. Food with halal labeling is intended for Muslim patients.

– It can be boring with fish and vegetables over several days. So it’s good that we now have several halal dishes. It is reassuring that IRN has approved this, says Khan.

40,000 Muslims

– This tasted the lot. I was worried that the food is not spicy enough, but it was actually very good, smiles General of IRN, Mehtab Afsar, as he tastes lamb curry right after signing.

More here in Norwegian.

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  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Why are we pandering to minorities like this? There’s nothing wrong with non-halal meat. Stories like this only make these people think their silly religion is somehow more important than others, that that their religion has a special place even among non-believers. This is wrong and dangerous.

  2. Ja men för helvete NORGE. … har ni tappat vettet helt eller

    1. Politikerne eller de som gir disse lovforslag har ‘tappat vettet’. Folket ønsker ikke dette.

  3. Det ser ut til vi har tappat vettet. Det ender opp med av vi skal tvinges til spise halal kjøtt alle sammen.

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