Converts to Islam Jihad Junkies



Yet another jihad junky.

What would worry me is her surviving her jihad excursion and had made her way back to the West.

tard convert dies in syria 1.6.2013

The report — from a Syrian media outlet called Breaking News on its website — sought to portray Mansfield as an extremist who was fighting with two other people from England; it said that government forces shot her dead along with her British companions. They reportedly had rifles, clips of ammunition, grenades and the flag of al-Nusra, a group related to al-Qaida.

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  1. Life’s tough. It’s even tougher when you’re stupid.

    Those born into the cult of Islam might have an excuse, but to CHOOSE to join the cult is a clear demonstration of stupidity beyond hope.

    1. True. When Islam hands down indoctrination to Muslims from one generation to the next, it would be rather more difficult to go against the grain, you’re locked up that way to a certain degree. There are however too many Western women out there who seem to think you can dillydally around with Islam, rather like 60’s New Age Buddhism or Hinduism and who deliberately choose to get indoctrinated by Islam. In this manner, it also becomes clear in a way that converting to Islam resembles a consumerist hype that was typical of days past: if you want to make a stand, you convert to New Age crackpot theories to stand out from the crowd and the general Zeitgeist. Subsequently, I get the feeling that most of these converts have a knack of treating Islam like the New Punk, of some sort.

      So basically, it’s of their own doing, and to be quite frank, if they want to fill this existential void within them by doing so, then they’ll have to live with it for the rest of their lives and I couldn’t be bothered in any way. I’ve seen a few indigenous Western women around having converted to Islam and donning a hijab because they got married to a Muslim, and the only thing that makes me do is think “Good riddance to bad rubbish, dumb women with a total lack of self esteem.” “So what ?” is about the next thing that comes to my mind.

      I’ll leave it at that.

      1. Once again, spot on analysis from Anushirvan. You’re exactly right.

  2. When will these gullible ignoramuses lacking comprehension skills ever recognize that none of the respected devout Islamic “scholars” ever take their own advise about becoming a shahid (martyr)? Reverts are nothing but convenient/disposable flotsam USED to the advantage of the Arab supremacist cult of Islam.

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