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Trashing Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom is not the way to go Daniel, impressing upon our leaders to confidently articulate and promote Western values, and their superiority to all else, is the way to go.

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There is no moderate Islam, only Islamic societies more influenced by non-Muslim culture and values. When that dynamic is influenced by Islam 101’ers, those Muslim societies, once exhibiting signs of tolerance and moderation, revert back to the true nature of Islam, that being intolerance and oppression and totalitarianism.

In my honest opinion, what Pipes and others like him should be doing, is not pushing an Islam that doesn’t exist, but instead carefully setting the record straight on the superiority of Western mores and values, in short, its superior culture, and insist that our countries leaders exhibit a confidence it getting that message across to the people.

There needs to be a concerted effort to promote our way of life as superior to that of all others, including Islam. Only when the West is comfortable with that truth, can it hope to win over more Muslims to disavow the inhumane, intolerant and violent aspects of their ideology.

The truth is, Islam has always encouraged intolerant behavior, it’s only non-Islamic influence that has made some portions of the world, far removed from Islam’s center gravity, more tolerable of others. One only has to look at Malaysia and Indonesia falling under the sway of basic Islam 101, losing every day what tolerance it once had.

Published on May 25, 2013
At a Toronto event on May 22, Daniel Pipes, Salim Mansur and Father de Souza argued that there was difference between Islam and Islamism. They sharply criticized Pamela Geller, who had a different opinion. Many people from the audience disagreed with the panel’s opinions, which caused a heated and loud debate. This video shows you what happened.

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