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This is how a thugocracy behaves.

The EU = tyranny………


The EU is nothing more than an ‘old boys’ aristocracy with the trappings of democracy (process over substance), in which the upper crust of society (those who claw their way/work the system) manage the mundane messiness of society in order to achieve and maintain their status quo.

Those who run the EU do not care for the citizen, they do not treat them as equals, they are to be managed, molded and placed within the framework of the society that they choose for the rest of them. The EU, in all of its functions of state, is the antithesis of what the Founding Fathers in the US strove for in the building of their own nation.

So here we see under the guise of controlling other kinds of intolerant, totalitarian groups, a putsch to reign in all groups that are hostile to the tyranny of the EU. If these lawmakers were true to their ideals, then they would be outlawing themselves. End the EU before it ends you.

NOTE: EU socialist hacks who gloat over the resurgence of an all powerful statist pan-European political entity. The secular version of the caliphate. Shultz, on the left, is an unrepentant communist, and the jerk on the right fails to live up to ideals in his own name. Swobodo (freedom).

H/T Sheik Yer’Mami (pbuh)

eu hacks

EU socialists are planning penalties for dissent

The European Commission to the Socialists Hannes Swoboda and European Parliament President Martin Schulz (SPD) will occupy parties with penalties if they do not follow the conditions laid down by the EU’s fundamental values.

The message is not new. In late January of this year fell the chairman of the EU Social Democrats, the Austrian Hannes Swoboda, on through his activism. He launched an initiative to check EU parties on their conformity with EU standards. All hidden under the guise of fighting extremism, the socialists took over the European Alliance for Freedom (EAF) to the chest.

The EAF, a party at European level, is defined according to its website itself as a pan-European alliance of members of the European Parliament, the national and regional parliaments and political parties united under one political platform calls for national freedom and democracy, in opposition to a centralized nationally and cross-check.

Chairman of the “Board” board is mentioned Franz Obermayr (FPÖ), his deputies are Marine Le Pen (National Front) and Philip Claeys (Vlaams Belang).

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  1. IMHO everything is run from the ‘Throne in Brussels’, the seat of the ‘Dictate’ , the governments of the EU member ‘states’ are mere puppets disguised as real representative government. The sovereignty of member nations is long gone.

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