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More to this than meets the eye.

But it does indeed show that the man is a pragmatist.

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robinson hugs ansar

As thousands of English Defence League and anti-fascist protestors took to a city’s streets yesteray, a remarkable scene unfolded away from the crowds in a back lane.

Onlookers feared the worst as a row flared between EDL chief Tommy Robinson and Muslim political commentator Mohammed Ansar.

But within moments the pair stunned watchers… by smiling and embracing each other.

“It’s something I never thought I’d see,” said a man who witnessed the bizarre scene in a side street just before the EDL and anti-fascist Newcastle Unites rallies started on Tyneside.

“These two having a debate in a back lane while thousands were demonstrating – and then cuddling and embracing.”

And the truce seemed to spread as the demos in the wake of Woolwich went peacefully even though up to 2,000 people took part in the EDL event and nearly 400 in the Newcastle Unites rally.

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  1. Quote:

    “But within moments the pair stunned watchers… by smiling and embracing each other.”

    The photo provided by the UK Mirror illustrates the media’s persistent wishful thinking. There is NOTHING MUTUAL about that particular ’embrace’ evident in that photo. Both of Ansar’s arms are visibly NOT extended towards Tommy. Be careful, Tommy.

  2. I’m confident that Islam’s days are numbered. Many Muslims in the West and in the Islamic world, must be wondering about Islam. It has not given them power and wealth as promised. It hasn’t given them victory but continuous military defeats. There is no respite from the “eye for eye” ethos -Muslims are being killed in the hundreds due to Islamic tit for tat attacks, or to drone attacks. The economy, what there is, is going down the tubes, food shortages and even famine is possible. Education has gone down the drain as well. This is what Islam has brought them.

    Now how do we as individuals respond to Muslims in the West. If we respond to individual Muslims with contempt or hatred, then what they see is that we too, as individuals, operate to the same ethos of Islam – tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye. Therefore they see no reason why they should abandon Islam.

    What I’m suggesting, that as individuals, we extend kindness to Muslims we see or meet- a smile rather then a scowl. They must be under severe mental pressure, of that is there is no doubt.

    Defeating Islam militarily is not enough. We have done that. If we can take a majority of them away from Islam, then that will be total victory. I think that Muslims will leave Islam, and become Christians, as they see that as the way. But it does require force from the secular forces of the West, and charity and compassion from us individuals. It is a two pronged strategy.

    1. A very wise comment, DP111. Christianity must revive in the western world or we are doomed if the powers that be yield to them, i.e.give them shariah etc. That would be the way Islam would win.

  3. The article says:
    “There has been a huge increase in anti-Muslim incidents since Lee Rigby’s murder, an inter-faith ­charity has revealed.”

    Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Well, until you realise that the incidents are mainly anti-Muslim comments.
    It’s funny how they can refer to the use of words (free speech?) as ‘incidents’, yet I would prefer to call hacking someone to death in broad daylight as more worthy of the title ‘incident’.
    Moral equivalence that just isn’t equivalent!

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