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Published on May 26, 2013

Tommy Robinson from the English Defence League speaks to @CoelusMedia about recent support for the EDL and the upcoming Support Our Soldiers march from Whitehall to Downing Street on Monday 27th May 2013

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  1. Photos of clash between MAC and EDL 5/24/2013 @ Whitehall Note: subtitle on first image:

    “English Defence League members clashed with Muslims Against Crusades on Whitehall with brief fighting before police rushed to the scene. MAC crossed the road and were hassled more by the EDL and then kettled by the police on Great Scotland Yard”

    Despite it mentioning the fact that the MAC thugs initiated the dispute when they crossed the street to agitate, it is written up to reflect the EDL clashed with MAC.

  2. UK Independent: Woolwich backlash: EDL supporters march through London

    Get a load out of the photo used by yahoo for their take on the Whitehall march:

    …….EDL supporters take to streets photo Note, the provided yahoo image appears to be taken during the black of night compared to the photos in the above links taken during broad daylight.

    Metro News puts EDL numbers @ 1000

    Guernsey Press: EDL supporters take to streets

    “Mr Robinson added: “They’ve had their Arab Spring. This is time for the English Spring”

    Twitpic of march

    ITV Photo: Bottles and beer cans are now being thrown by rival EDL and anti-fascist protesters facing off in Whitehall, ITV News reporter Ben Chapman says.

    I’m including the next twitter because I’d like to learn which (ahmadiyya?) mosque (if true) this took place at.
    twitter – no photo – no identity of mosque involved

    David Humphreys
    2 minutes ago in Bradford
    From Ann Czernik
    Only in England – just been to inspiring event at York Mosque. It was announced that the EDL were to protest outside the Mosque. They swiftly organized an invitiation to join the Mosque for tea this afternoon. Over 200 people from York arrived to support the mosque – all white British. About half a dozen EDL supporters turned up, and eventually someone went to speak to them. More followed and an initially heated discussion found middle ground when someone sent ofver some cups of tea complete with tea tray and sugar bowl. After a while the EDL entere the mosque for more tea and a football match took place in true Dunkirk spirit. Only in England.

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