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The OIC has gone on long enough without really saying / or doing anything about their coreligionists brutal assault on Christians, no drive at the UN to condemn the violence. That should tell you all you need to know about their agenda.

H/T: Vlad

muslim attack on christian funeral leaves 20 dead 4.5.2013

“We are still going round the town in search of more bodies,” he said on condition of anonymity. AFP reports that the source was not authorised to speak to the media about death tolls.

A curfew has been imposed in the area, said officials, in an effort to contain the violence.

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  1. Yup.Muslim are permanently insulted. Make a cartoon of mohammed, and they respond by trying to kill the cartoonist. In this incident they killed 20 mourners.

    In less then 20 years, we will see attacks on churches and cathedrals in Britain. Christmas will have to be conducted under tight security, and will eventually be banned, as the state will not be able to provide nationwide security.

    Which side will the BBC be on when churches are burning and Buddhists, followed by Christians and Jews are killed.?

    Thank you Blair and Labour.

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