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  1. Ain’t multiculturalism just the best thing! This is a glimpse into the future of all Western countries as we embrace the disease of cultural relativism to take control of our minds.

  2. The lackeys, lapdogs, sycophants, and apologists of Islam it seems are tripping over themselves to grovel at the feet of ‘the followers of the teachings of the prophet’.

  3. What a hell, Please do not let those Islamic people control the whole world Canada shame on you to allow that. I am muslim and I know how women are treated. do not let this happen in these countries.

  4. Time to boycott this bullshit. Find another activity for your daughter, and sue the living shit out of the providers, make them think twice about catering to such bigots.

  5. Just because Islamic men are so prevert and can not control themselves afraid to fuck their daughters, that does not mean western men are like that too.

  6. This tolerance for a religion that is so intolerant of women, promotes sexual abuse of children and wants to kill all other religions is what makes me the most sick. We should not be tolerant of intolerance. The accomodation of all the rediculous needs from special rooms, fear of certain food, special breaks, masking identities behind clothing, and on and on. They are just testing the boundaries and so far not meeting any resistance, so they will keep pushing with more ludicrous requests in the name of religion. I wanted to learn more so I read some passages from the Q book. I then got really scared. It spells out basically what is happening: Assimilate, congregate, infiltrate, and desemate. Slowly but surely this is happening in front of everyone and no one can do anything.

  7. From the most progressive country in the world to the most primitive in 10 years. Liberalism may be a disease rather than a method of governance. It has taken away self-defense, free speech, freedom of thought , and now forced upon the population truly savage beliefs.

  8. Canadians, we are beginning to enter a very scary time. We are allowing our freedoms and what we care for, be slowly taken away from us because we must be politically correct and bend over backwards for all those coming to this country. Islam is a dangerous and savage belief. We must NOT allow for it to take hold in this country with it’s backwards thinking and Sharia laws.
    In this news item. The Muslim girl should be the one to swim alone. Allow the
    father(s) to see their children.

  9. Clueless idiots in Ottawa sleep on. We are held down, censored, by our own naiive, cowardly, terminally stupid people.

  10. Muslims whilst trying to appear that they have morals, (actually they redefine the word to mean the exact opposite), do not mention that islams sharia law allows his daughter to be legally used for sex.

  11. If the Muslims hate the western-style life, then they need to go back where they come from. Nobody is stopping them from leaving. Islam is a very deadly political ideology.

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