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Inequality under the guise of multicultural equality.

I could have told you that would happen as soon as the word went out that sharia courts would be allowed some form of official standing. In fact I did.

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Sonia told the reporter: “I could not bear the thought of such a violent person having my children. What was even more shocking was when I explained to Leyton why he shouldn’t have access to the children their reaction was – well you can’t go against what Islam says.”

Sharia courts putting women at risk, CPS warns

Sharia courts are putting women at risk of violence from abusive husbands, the Crown Prosecution Service has warned.

The courts, which issue rulings according to Islamic law, have been found to be giving Muslim women advice which experts warned may place them in danger.

Undercover filming in some of the 85 councils operating in mosques and houses across the country has revealed that the courts, which are run by sharia councils, are ruling in favour of men meeting estranged wives or having access to children when they have found to have been abusive.

Sharia law has no formal place in any of Britain’s legal systems. However, the investigation found courts in London which follow it were making rulings on domestic and marital issues according to Islamic law which appeared at odds with English family law.

Although they are not legally binding, those who were subject to the rulings them felt they had to follow them as a matter of religious belief – or because they felt under pressure from family and community to do so.

In one case filmed by a BBC reporter for the Panorama documentary, an Islamic scholar from a sharia council ruled in a custody dispute that the children should be taken away from their mother and be placed with their reportedly violent father.

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  1. A nation needs only one set of laws for everyone, not a tower of Babel and special consideration for a few who demand special treatment.

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