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As you would expect from anti-Semites.

I’m hearing from back channels that a few sites were hit, in spite of precautions. The Israeli PM’s website is up and running though, at first a bit slow, but now seems to have picked up.

UPDATE: Anti-Israel Hackers Get Preemptively Hacked (Updated)

At the time of this post, Hatikvah is also playing on the site! Israel Matzav had it up last night: 

anti-semitic anonymous hackers on holocaust remebrance day 7.4.2013

Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors: This Sunday is Yom Hashoah, a remembrance of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust — less than 70 years ago. Anti-Semitic activity continues to rise in the Middle East and throughout Europe, as economic turmoil results in the “blame game”. The easiest scapegoat: the Jews.

The hacker group ‘Anonymous’ is working to erase Israel from the Internet on Holocaust Remembrance Day. One of their prime targets is a website for a non-government organization that assists children with cancer called Larger than Life.

The group announced that 19,000 Israeli Facebook accounts have already been hacked. In addition, personal details of students from Haifa University have been compromised, as have hundreds of passwords to Israeli email accounts. The anti-Semitic hackers say they will attack websites belonging to the government, banks, large educational establishments and more.

The best responses to these hack-jobs is to find a charity in Israel and donate and find a Holocaust Remembrance Day event in your community and attend. ♥

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  1. cos this fucking happened
    how many people who commented on this actually know what anonymous is about

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