Yet another state, already beaten and battered from decades of civil war, infighting and Islamization, teeters like the rest. Only Israel’s representative democracy remains thriving and vibrant, and financially, and a beacon to the region and to Europe. And to think that there are morons out their that call for its destruction, wanting yet another Arab majority regime in its place. Unreal.

Fierce clashes in Tripoli as Lebanon teeters

Army entering town after heavy battles between pro- and anti-Assad fighters, day after prime minister brings down government

Fighters armed with automatic weapons, mortars and rocket propelled grenades clashed in the Lebanese city of Tripoli Saturday, as the army readied to quash spillover violence from neighboring Syria.

The fierce fighting in the city came a day after Lebanese prime minister Najib Mikati stepped down over political infighting.

Lebanese media reported several people injured Saturday night in the fierce fighting between pro- and anti-Bashar Assad partisans in the country’s second largest city, as sectarian tensions threatened to plunge the country into further chaos.

The army said Saturday night it would enter the Alawite neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen to restore order, after the worst fighting the city has seen since the latest round of violence erupted on Thursday.

The rest at Times Of Israel.

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