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  1. Last week I apologized for the behavior of Pres. Obama to an Israeli girl. She said she must read the papers to see what was going on. I didn’t know what he was up to. I only knew it was no good. All those big cheesy smiles in the newspapers do not fool anyone who truly knows the hate Obama has towards Israel. Then he goes and weasels an apology from Bibi about the blockade. I’m outraged but not surprised.

  2. It is time for all NATO members to re-evaluate turkey´s membership of NATO.

    We can not have a member who constantly instigate conflicts with NATO´s only friend in the middle-east.

    At the same time NATO should make Israel full member or at least sign a mutual defends agreement. Israel deserve the respect and security such an agreement would be.

  3. Turkey is on its way out of NATO, and we must do everything to encourage it. We are giving it a ready made caliphate by destroying ME nations. All Turkey has to do is to step in the vacuum.

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